Woodsball Paintball Playing Guide 2023 – Pro Tips Shared

Woodsball Paintball Playing

Woodsball is probably the most exciting Format of Paintballing. It involves tough outdoor conditions like hills, forests, grassy land, etc.  Indeed, this format needs lots of tactics, strategies, and experience to edge out your competition.

Nevertheless, Woodsball is equally famous among players of all categories. There are also Woodsball Tournaments around the world. However, the format of playing woodsball varies according to field structure and playing conditions.

What actually Woodsball Is

According to Paintball historians, Woodsball is the original and the oldest type of Paintball. The first-ever game of paintball played was in this format. The reason for the creation of this format was to test the surviving skills of City dwellers in the native habitat.

Woodsball is played in a natural outdoor setting with no restrictions of size and area of the field. Players have the freedom to move around and hide in the natural environment. The game almost resembles military simulation training in the forest.

General Woodsball Rules

Woodsball is a kind of wild paintball game. This game is usually played in large outdoor environments. Players can freely move around to find natural hidings and use different strategies to mark other players. In short, there is no limit and rules in Woodsball.

However, each woodsball field has its own rules and code of conduct for players.  You must have to follow these rules to avoid sudden damages and mishaps due to having less awareness about the field. These rules ensure your safety and protection in large-sized woodsball fields.

Always Wear Mask

Wear your Mask whenever you are on the field. That is a universal rule and strictly followed by the mostly woodsball fields around the world. Indeed, taking off your paintball mask during the matches might cause deadly facial injuries.

General Woodsball Rules

Remain within your Playing Boundaries

There is no limit on the venue or size for woodsball. However, players are not allowed to move out of the field boundaries. You should remain inside the boundary line and mark other players till the game ends.

Avoid using Illegal Playing Methods

The rules of playing woodsball are simple. You have to follow your opponents and take them down. However, you are not allowed to climb trees in the field. But you can use different hideouts to avoid contact with other players.

Use Standard Paintball Markers and Ammos

According to rules, players cannot use Paintball Guns with more than 300 fps. The guns works on 300FPS or below are allowed on the field. Moreover, you have to standard diameter paintballs during the woodsball matches.

Types of Woodsball Play

There is a wide variety of games that fall in the Woodsball category. However, players usually prefer to play tactical games such as capturing the flag, defend the castle, protect the VIP and Elimination. Some other least liked woodsball game types are Zombie and Bomb Squad.


Elimination is probably the most like games on the Woodsball field. For this game, players work individually. There is no time limit and no specific rules to follow. Your purpose is to encounter your enemies by adopting different strategies. Players usually prefer this game to test their skill level because it a one-man show.

Capture the Flag

It is the most exciting yet strategic type of woodsball game. In this game, you have to capture the flag of opponents by invading their homes. Indeed, you have to protect your flag by keeping yourself in a safe zone. This game requires pure strategic skills and calmness.

Capture the Flag

Most of the players believe in stealth techniques rather than attacking their opponents aggressively. You have to make a plan, wait for your moment, and then surprise your enemies with a sudden ambush. Moreover, you can also divide your team into sub-groups with each having different tasks.

Defend the Castle

It is another thrilling type of woodsball game. In this format, you have to protect and defend your territory from other teams. It is kind of an aggressive game in which you have to intrude and invade the other team’s territories.

There are two teams in this game. One team is stationed inside the castle while the other side tries to breach the castle. The defending side has to eliminate all the intruders to claim victory. Teams can use different strategies to conquer the castle.

Night Play

It is the most challenging type of woodsball. In this format, players have to accept worst nightmare tasks. You have to move around in the dark and eliminate your enemies before they find you. There are no rules in this game. You can use different strategies to mark your opponents.[/su_note]

Pro-Tips for Woodsball

Like we said before, Woodsball is purely a strategic paintball game. The one who remains calm and comes with a good strategy always wins.  We have also gathered some pro-tips for new players. You can follow these tips to improve your gameplay.

Try to Visit the Field before the game

One of the most important pro-tip is to visit the field before starting the game. This will help you to make a strong strategy according to the field structure. With a better field sketch, you can move around quickly without alarming the other players.

Bring Extra CO2 Tank

You should take an extra CO2 tank to save your time and remain in a safe zone on the field. Sometimes you are surrounded by opponents and have a good targeting spot. But due to a lack of CO2, you missed the opportunity to win the match.

Pro-Tips for Woodsball

Stay Low and Work on your Plan

Woodsball is all about strategy and calmness. You have to stay calm to wait for the right moment. Indeed, you should make a proper plan and work on it. If you will make noise and move around without a strategy, your enemies will easily take you down.

Divide into Small Groups

Teamwork is very important in a woodsball game. If you have a team of 10 to 12 players, divide them into small groups. Assign different tasks to each group eg. A group will defend the castle while the B group will attack the opponents.


Pro Clothing Tips for Woodsball

Paintball Gun

Paintball Gun is the cornerstone of your success on the woodsball field. You have to pick a durable yet fast and accurate paintball marker. If you are a new player, you can also try a rental paintball gun before buying a new one.

Choose an Anti-Fog Mask

Paintball Mask is used for your safety and protection of the woodsball field. You should wear a good quality paintball mask to avoid injuries. Try to wear an anti-fog mask as it helps to get clear optical view of the field.

Wear Dark-Colored Clothes

To take advantage of the dark environment of the forest, you can wear dark-colored clothes.  Indeed, you are less visible in these clothes. Wearing fancy and shining clothes is not a good idea because your enemies can easily trace you down through the brightness of your clothes.

Wear Waterproof Shoes

To maintain your good pace and avoid foot injuries, you have to wear rubber shoes. Make sure that your shoes are waterproof because you have to come across the water surface.


Spoiler title

The Tippmann X7 Phenom is an excellent choice for woodsball players. This paintball gun is one of the most balanced paintball guns, which means you can easily carry it around the woods without it being heavy. The gun is also very consistent. It has a great accuracy and it will help you win many battles in the woods.

Can i allow my Kids to play Woodsball?

Allowing your children to play woodsball is a very good experience, as it develops a sense of team effort, helps them to solve problems and much more. But i would strongly recommend that your child should play only under the supervision of a grown-up.

What are the Pro-Tips for Beginners to follow while playing Woodsball for the First time?

As a beginner, the main thing you need to pay attention to when playing woodsball for the first time is your speed. It is the number one killer of players, so you should never be in a rush when you are playing woodsball. Moreover, always keep your loader close to your gun while you are playing. Don’t go searching for it if you run out of paintball while you are playing.

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