9 Best Cheap Paintball Guns 2023 – [Honest Reviews & Buying Guide]

Best Cheap Paintball Guns

Considering an expensive Paintball Marker without having basic knowledge about it is always a bad idea. There is a wide range of cheap paintball guns in the market but finding one that meets your demands isn’t an easy task.  

However, if you are looking for alow-budget paintball marker but still confuse regarding their quality and performance then our guide of Best Cheap Paintball Guns could be worth reading for you. Indeed, we have reviewed a dozen paintball guns and ended up with Top 9 picks.

The guns added to our list are tested in various conditions and considered equally preferable for the players of all categories. Moreover, you can make your quick call through our detailed comparison table.

Comparison Table

Tippmann 98 Custom Platinum Tippmann 98 Custom Platinum


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Spyder Victor Spyder Victor


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Tippmann Gryphon Tippmann Gryphon


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Valken Cobra Valken Cobra


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Tippmann Cronus Tippmann Cronus


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Spyder MR100 Spyder MR 100


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Azodin KAOS 3 Azodin KAOS 3


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Tippmann A-5 Tippmann A-5


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Azodin Blitz 3 Azodin Blitz 3


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1. Tippmann 98 Custom Platinum


Tippmann 98 Custom Platinum



  • .68 Caliber
  • ACT Anti-Chop Technology
  • Split Receiver Mechanism
  • Shoot up-to 150 feet
  • In-Line Bolt System
  • Stalin-less steel gas line
  • Fires 8 round per second
  • Picatinny Rails

Un-Biased Review

Tippmann 98 Custom is counted among the Best Selling Paintball Guns around the world for all time. 98 Custom is the best option for a Beginner or a new paintball player due to the good price range and user-friendly features.

It is a semi-auto marker, compatible with .68 caliber paintballs and operated either on CO2 or Compressed Air. The gun features a split receiver mechanism to dis-assemble and assemble rapidly for cleaning purposes.

The gun is furnished with super-durable construction materials. It has an extended non-slippery grip with an anti-glare coating for comfortable handling with great stability during different maneuvers.

98 Custom is super-efficient in shooting as it comes with a 200 rounds capacity hopper and works at 300 FPS. The improved barrel design allows you to achieve a neat range of 150 feet without compromising on accuracy.

Tippmann 98 Custom Platinum

To fight the issues of paintball breakage, 98 Custom features Anti-Chop technology. This feature makes the gun highly reliable on the field. In addition to this, the installed Picatinny Rails allows you to mount different accessories.

Perhaps, the famous Tippmann’s inline-bolt system ensures a smooth shooting mechanism by cutting wastage in the process of firing. Moreover, this system also helps to use the least amount of CO2 so that you can enjoy the game for long hours.


  • Best for Beginners and Newbie
  • Easy to Use and Maintain
  • Assemble and Dis-assemble Rapidly
  • Highly Accurate


  • Need to Recoil after shots

Pro Tips

Tippmann 98 Custom will be a great choice as it comes with an extended range of upgrades and accessories. Indeed, the Tippmann also offers two years on their complete Tippmann Paintball Gun series.

2. Spyder Victor


Spyder Victor



  • .68 Caliber
  • 10-Inch Barrel
  • EKO Valve System
  • High-Impact Polymer Clamping Feed-Neck
  • Velocity Adjustor
  • Non-Slipper Grip
  • Two-Finger Trigger
  • Safety Lock

Un-Biased Review

Kingman’s Spyder Victor is one of the Best Paintball Guns available on the market. It is not an accurate, fast, and consistent paintball gun. However, still preferable for beginners due to its Price, Ease of Use, and Upgradable features.

The gun comes out with an Aluminum body for reliable performance in all kinds of weather. The grips are wrapped with non-slip rubber to ensure the stable and secure handling of the gun. Moreover, it is a lightweight gun and easy to carry around. 

It is a Mechanical marker that can run on Compressed Air or CO2. The installed EKO Valve system promotes air efficiency and allows you to shoot around 1500 to 1600 paintballs while running the CO2.

It features a two-finger trigger with a safety lock. Moreover, the marker is capable of covering fairly long distances with improved accuracy. For enhanced accuracy, you can adjust the velocity of the gun by using Velocity Adjuster.

The gun is outfitted with a Venturi Bolt to minimize breaks and maximize the shooting performance. Besides, the high-impact feed-neck allows you to integrate different types of loaders. All you need is to remove an Allen Key and attach the loader you want.


  • Highly Affordable
  • Easy to Use and Maintain
  • Reliable on Field
  • Can be Customized


  • Lacks front Grip

Pro Tips

Spyder Victor will be the best option for all those looking for a very cheap price paintball marker. Indeed, the gun is jam-packed with all essential specs and features. You can also upgrade the basic model to fit your shooting styles.

3. Tippmann Gryphon


tippmann gryphon



  • .68 Caliber
  • 10 inch Ported Barrel
  • Internal Gas Line
  • Comes with 200 round loader
  • Fires 8 rounds per second
  • Center Feed Design
  • Shoot up-to 150 ft
  • Manual Trigger
  • Semi-Auto Marker
  • Operates on CO2 and Compressed Air

Un-Biased Review

Tippmann Gryphon is probably the Best Cheap Paintball Gun in Tippmann’s gun series. The gun is remarkably compact, durable, and very well suitable for Beginners and Occasional paintball players.

The gun features solid construction with an exclusive design. It is super lightweight and purposefully engineered to keep you engaged for hours. No doubt, Gryphon has an excellent range and accuracy on a wide field.

Gryphon can shoot 8-rounds per second with the ability to take down 150 feet away targets without missing a single inch. The gun is compatible with three different gases, nitrogen, CO2, and compressed Air.

The installed Ported Barrel not only makes this gun a high-end but also ensures increased performance on the field. Moreover, it comes with a Manual Trigger that is adjustable in different modes. 

Gryphon comes out with an internal gas-line system to avoid gas leakage and works on a low-pressure operating system to minimize gas usage and save you tons of money. In addition to this, when you will buy this marker, you will get two years warranty from Tippmann.


  • Comes with High Impact Body
  • Available in various colors
  • Lightweight and Durable
  • Reasonable Prices


  • Low Customization Options

Pro Tips

Perhaps, Tippmann Gryphon is an ideal paintball marker for those looking for an entry-level marker to get started. Indeed, the Customization option allows you to grow this gun according to your game of play and shooting style.

4. Valken Cobra


Valken Cobra



  • .50 Caliber
  • Aluminum and Polymer Build
  • Velocity Adjuster
  • Semi-Automatic
  • Operated with CO2 and Compressed Air
  • Clamping Vertical Feed Neck
  • Ported Barrel
  • Bottom-line Adapter

Un-Biased Review

Valken Cobra is a decent .50 caliber paintball gun with increased efficiency and performance. This little marker is designed to deliver low impact shots with greater accuracy without putting a strain on Durability and Reliability.

The combination of Aluminum and high-density Polymer construction materials makes this gun powerful and long-lasting. The gun performs equally impressive with both CO2 and High Compressed Air.

Valken features ergonomically wrapped grips for more efficient handling and usage on the field. Moreover, the installed External Velocity Adjuster allows you to increase or decrease the shooting velocity by few rotations.

In addition to this, Valken offers different firing modes and capable of shooting 150 feet away targets without missing a single inch. The ergonomic double trigger helps you to experience smooth shots with extra comfort.

The gun comes out with an Aluminum Bottom-line adapter with a removable ported barrel and clamping vertical feed-neck. Unfortunately, Valken needs some additional components and up-gradation right after unboxing.


  • Easy to Use and Operate
  • Available at reasonable price
  • Extremely Durable
  • Lightweight Marker


  • Relatively small in size

Pro Tips

Valken Cobra is one of the Most Versatile Paintball Markers available on the market. The gun is both Durable and Easy to Use. Overall, Valken is a superb choice for both Beginners and Intermediate Paintball players.

5. Tippmann Cronus


Tippmann Cronus



  • .68 Caliber
  • Operates with CO2, Compressed Air and Nitrogen
  • 9 inch Barrel Stock
  • Open Bolt for Blowback
  • Gravity Feed Unit
  • Accurate up-to 150 feet
  • Semi-Auto and Mechanical Trigger
  • Customizable Marker

Un-Biased Review

Tippmann Cronus is exclusively designed for serious yet budget-minded players. The marker features Open Bolt Black Valve Mechanism and performs equally impressive with CO2, Compressed Air, and Nitrogen gases.

It is a .68 caliber marker that offers amazing accuracy due to the installed 9.5-inch barrel whereas you can operate this marker in both Semi-Automatic and Manual Shooting Modes. The gun is highly preferable for Beginners to Intermediate players.

The design of Cronus looks quite similar to a Realistic Military-styled weapon. Due to the usage of solid construction materials, the gun performs equally impressive in rough and tough conditions without requiring additional maintenance charges.

Tippmann Cronus works on Ball-Feed gravity and offers amazing shooting speed on the field. The gun is capable of shooting 150 feet away targets without compromising on accuracy. No doubt, Tippmann Cronus is one of the Best Woodsball Paintball Gun.

Moreover, it features an internal gas line and low-level recoil for enhanced performance in all conditions. Cronus is a highly customizable paintball gun. You can easily upgrade its various aspects to fit your style of play.


  • Extremely Lightweight and Durable
  • Comes with 2-Year Warranty
  • Simple to Operate
  • Needs Low Maintenance


  • Issues with Stock Barrels

Pro Tips

Tippmann Cronus is an ideal paintball gun due to many reasons. It is easy to use, highly reliable, and needs low maintenance. The features offered by Tippmann Cronus are very hard to find even in some advanced paintball guns.

6. Spyder MR100


Spyder MR100



  • .68 Caliber
  • EKO Valve System
  • Velocity Adjuster
  • Works with CO2 and Compressed Air
  • Vertical Aluminum Trigger
  • Polymer Neck-Feed
  • Aluminum Mounting System
  • Picatinny Rails

Un-Biased Review

Spyder MR100 is basically a Semi-Automatic paintball gun that is engineered to deliver unbeatable performance on field. This marker is highly durable, easy to operate and importantly available under extremely reasonable price.

The gun features EKO Valve system along with Velocity Adjuster to ensure smooth and efficient shooting experience. You can operate this gun with both CO2 and Compressed Air whereas multiple picatinny rails allow you to mount various accessories for assistance.

Due to usage of high-end aluminum materials, Sypder MR100 is totally unbreakable whereas ergonomic design makes this marker extremely comfortable to handle and operate in all kind of harsh conditions.

The EKO Valve system enables this gun to shoot up-to 1500 shots from a single 20oz CO2 cartridge. The marker comes out with aluminum trigger frame whereas you can adjust MR100 in different firing modes including Manual and Semi-Auto.

Some other purposeful features of MR100 includes high-impact polymer feed neck along with spring guide anti-double steel braided hose and aluminum mounting system. In fact, the gun is capable of shooting 300 feet away targets with perfect accuracy.


  • Best choice for Beginners
  • Highly Durable Build
  • Quick shooting mechanism
  • Various Up-gradation Options


  • O-Rings break often

Pro Tips

Sypder MR100 is a great paintball marker due to endless features and capabilities. In fact, the gun needs very low maintenance and easy to clean without requiring any special attention. The official shipment of the marker includes different spare parts and wrenches for better assistance in assembling tasks.

7. Azodin KAOS 3


Azodin KAOS 3



  • .68 Caliber
  • 12-Inch Auto-cocker Threaded Stock Barrel
  • Double Trigger
  • Semi-Automatic
  • Derlin Bolt
  • Dual Intimidator Ball Detents
  • Rubber Grip Frame Panels
  • Mechanical Paintball Gun

Un-Biased Review

The Azodin KAOS 3 is a high-quality paintball marker while coming in at a reasonable price. No doubt, KAOS 3 is highly compact, reliable and easy to maintain. In fact, it is a pretty good choice for entry level paintball players.

The gun is designed to meet the highest possible standards of performance on field. It has simple yet flexible design whereas the usage of quality build materials ensures the long life-spam as well as little maintenance of the marker.

KAOS 3 is basically a semi-automatic gun that features a double trigger and 12-inch Auto-cocker Threaded Stock Barrel to ensure long-distance accuracy. Moreover, the installed Grip-Frame Panels give you great stability on field.

Azodin KAOS 3

In fact, KAOS 3 is among the few Most Efficient Paintball Markers. The installed Piston with an integrated seat needs minimal recoils and ensures less consumption of gas to save your additional gas money.

Perhaps, the dis-assembling is the most amazing part of this marker. Indeed, you can disable its internal parts in just few minutes for cleaning purpose. All you need is to remove the Delrin Bolt to access the O-rings of the gun.


  • Flexible and Reliable
  • High-end Marker
  • Easy to Maintain and Clean
  • Offers Long-Range Accuracy


  • Operates at a high-pressure

Pro Tips

If you are looking for a quality paintball gun under a cheap budget then Azodin KAOS 3 will be best choice for you. This mechanical marker is designed to last long and gives you a great value bundle in all possible directions.

8. Tippmann A-5


Tippmann A-5



  • .68 Caliber
  • 5 inch barrel
  • Powered with CO2, Nitrogen and HPA
  • Five different Firing Modes
  • Accurate up-to 150 Feet
  • External Selector Switch
  • Low Profile Hopper
  • Shock Absorbers

Un-Biased Review

Tippmann A-5 is integrated with truly outstanding features and specs. The marker features Cyclone Feed System that connects feeder sprocket and air system to allow you to shoot at faster speeds without missing a single target.

In fact, A-5 is counted among the most durable paintball markers ever created by Tippmann. The gun contains metal frame along with high-quality plastic grips to provide enhanced grips for better handling and operations on field.

A-5 is powered with compressed air along with nitrogen and CO2 and comes out with installed low profile hopper for better sight view. Moreover, the gun is compatible with .68 caliber paintballs and comes out with .689 barrel bore.

The gun offers five different firing modes including Semi-Auto, Full Auto and Manual Mechanical Trigger. In addition to this, the external selector switch not only ensures your safety but also helps in quick switching between firing modes.

Due to installed 8.5 inch barrel, A-5 is capable of shooting targets placed within 150 feet range whereas you can shoot around 9-15 balls per second. However, you can also upgrade its barrel for additional range and accuracy.


  • Extremely Reasonable Price
  • Response soft Trigger
  • Highly Customizable
  • Lightweight and Fast Shooter


  • Compatible with limited Paintballs

Pro Tips

Tippmann A-5 is a next generation paintball gun and a perfect choice for you under limited budget. In fact the gun is highly suitable for woodsball as it is extremely fast, reliable and equipped with all standard features.

9. Azodin Blitz 3


Azodin Blitz 3



  • .68 Caliber
  • 11-Inch Barrel
  • Four Different Firing Modes
  • CO2 and HPA Compatible
  • Auto-cocker Thread
  • 150 Feet Range
  • Highly Customizable
  • Shoots up-to 20 Balls per Second

Un-Biased Review

Azodin Blitz 3 is a compact Electronic paintball marker that features durable construction along with some fancy and advanced specs that you can also expect in a high-end marker. The gun comes out with steel-coated and braided airline to allow you engage in long games.

The gun is engineered with high-quality Nylon Reinforced construction materials to tolerate all kind of harsh conditions whereas the grips are not only robust but also quite comfortable to handle and operate in all positions.

It is basically a .68 caliber gun that operates with both CO2 and HPA gases. The gun is equally preferable for woodsball and speedball due to battery-operated mechanism and increased shooting and trigger functionalities.

Though, the gun is capable of shooting 100 feet away targets consistently but you can also get the 150 feet range easily. There are four different firing modes available whereas the gun can shoot up-to 20 round per second.

The most significant feature of the Azodin is that you can Upgrade and Modify it to fit your style of play. Perhaps, it is an average range marker but you can still upgrade the barrel to extend the shooting range and make it shoot quieter. This gun is considered as one of the best paintball guns under 200.


  • Durable overall Construction
  • Exceptionally Accurate and easy to maintain
  • Highly Efficient Marker
  • Super-Quiet


  • Lacks a Quick Clamp Feed Neck

Pro Tips

In fact, Azodin Blitz 3 is an impressive paintball gun not only in terms of performance and durability but also in saving your money. The streamlined design enables this marker to use the minimum amount of gas while maintaining the same shooting power.

Buying Guide

Beginners To Pro

It is not necessary that also Highly-Expensive paintball guns suited to your style of play. Sometimes, you can find your perfect match under $100. However, to save your money and time, you can go through different Reviews and Blogs to clear your ambiguities before making your final call.

We hope our list of Best 9 Most Cheap Paintball Guns will help you in finding your Exact Match Marker. But if you are still confused then you are advised to go through our Ultimate Buyer’s Guide to know exactly which type of marker you want to buy.

How to Choose the Best Cheap Paintball Gun

There are a few factors that you have to consider when going for the Best Cheap Paintball Gun under $100. In fact, we are going to highlight these factors to help you in making your Best Decision when picking the gun.

Best Cheap Paintball Guns
Infographic: Best Cheap Paintball Guns


If you are looking for Cheap Paintball Gun, you must ensure that it should be Durable. Usually, cheap quality guns are less durable but you increase the life span of these guns by taking little more care and maintenance.


Marker efficiency is another important factor you will need to take into consideration. The guns operated at high pressure are not preferable and you must search for a gun that uses less gas per shot without compromising on shooting and accuracy.


The Best Cheap Paintball Gun should need low maintenance. Always look for the construction material and overall design. In fact, the guns mentioned in our list are highly reliable and needs low maintenance even after rough outdoor use.

Best Cheap Paintball Gun Brands

Though, the Paintball Market is filled with number of Brands but still most of them are known for their Expensive piece of Paintball Guns. However, there are some other brands that are producing High-Quality Markers under affordable prices. Following are the Best Cheap Paintball Guns Brands.

  • Ego
  • Dye
  • JT Markers
  • Empire
  • Kingman


Can I buy a High Quality Paintball Marker under Cheap Price Tag?

Yes you can get the most high quality guns at a really cheap price tag. The markers included in our list are best for the most. Read our reviews carefully and then pick the one that is the most convenient for you.

What is the best age of kids to use Paintball Gun?

The best age for kids to use paintball guns is from 5 years old to 11 or 12 years old. Kids of other ages will have a hard time aiming the gun and choosing the right target. Kids this age are also able to move quickly and can run long distances without getting tired.

Who Invented Paintball?

Paintball is a sport of the Modern era. Though, it still holds historical significance due to various exciting events and inventions. The origin of Paintball begins back in the 1960s when a Paint Company named Nelson designs a Paintball Marker for business purposes.

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