9 Best Paintball Pistols 2023 – [Honest Reviews & Buying Guide]

Best Paintball Pistols

If you are planning to buy a Paintball Pistol means you are determined to up-grade your game-play. Indeed, these Side-Arms give you sufficient edge during big games because they are fast, accurate and comes into play when your main marker fails to perform.

Paintball Pistols are used as a Backup Option and not used as your frontline Pintball Marker. However, you can’t compromise on the Quality, Reliability, and Durability of the pistols as they work like your Insurance Policy.

Unfortunately, finding the Best Paintball Pistol that gives value for money is not an easy task. Especially if you are a newbie or even intermediate gamer, it is quite hard to pick a Compact Paintball Pistol that meets your changing criteria.

To assist you in this teasing and daunting process, I have compiled a list of Top 9 Best Paintball Pistols. Nevertheless, I have reviewed dozens of models and made my final picks on Performance, Inner Specs, User-Experience, and Reviews.

Comparison Table

Tippmann TiPX Paintball Pistol Tippmann TiPX


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JT ER2 Pump Paintball Pistol JT ER2 Pump Psitol


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T4E Umarex Smith & Wesson .43cal T4E Umarex .43cal


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JT Splatmaster z100 JT Splatmaster z100


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Walther TA4 PPQ M2 Walther TA4 PPQ M2


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First Strike Compact First Strike Compact


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Kingman Training Chaser 11mm Paintball Pistol Kingman Training Chaser 11mm


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Tiberius Arms T8.1 Paintball Marker Gun Pistol Tiberius Arms T8.1


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GI Sportz Menace .50cal GI Sportz Menace .50cal


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1. Tippmann TiPX  Paintball Pistol


Tippmann TiPX



  • .68 Caliber
  • Extremely Lightweight
  • Sturdy Design
  • Military-Styled
  • CO2 Air System
  • Two Self-Locked 8-ball Magazines
  • Two 7-Rounds-Fed Magazines
  • Strong Handling and Grip
  • Spool Valve System
  • 8 Rounds per Second
  • Velocity Adjuster
  • Low Maintenance

Un-Biased Review

Tippmann is a leading paintball gun manufacturing brand. The firm looks committed to delivering Durable, Compact, and Best Paintball Pistols at a reasonable price. Tippmann TiPX is a Top-Rated Pistol of this industry and primarily designed for Beginner and Intermediate players.

The TiPX is a Military-Style pistol that comes with a sturdy design and jam-packed features. The pistol weighs around 1 pound, which is considered fairly lightweight and easy to carry around.

It is a .68 caliber weapon and uses CO2 cartridges under the barrel for the firing mechanism. TiPX is fast, accurate, and reliable, making it a dominant contender for tournament-grade matches. The pistol comes with two magazines, each mag capable of holding eight rounds. You can use this gun in both Manual and Semi-Auto Firing Modes.

The TiPX comes with a high-quality Metal Trigger that works on a two-trigger pull mechanism to ensure a smooth and comfortable shooting experience. Moreover, the Tru-Feed design allows you to fire at a quick pace.

With Tru-Feed magazine, the pistol is not functioned to fire when you pull the trigger for the first time. In the first attempt, the spring pushes the Paintball into the gun’s chamber and the second squeeze will fire the paintball.

The gun offers an improved Spool Valve System and an external velocity adjuster to maximize air efficiency. The pistol has a 12-gram air system and shipped with a standard A5/X7 barrel. The other dominating features of TiPX include Low Tension System Springs and Blow Forward system to reduce the coils.


  • Weight: 4 Pounds
  • Preferable for: Newbie’s / Intermediate / Pros
  • Review Rating: 4.9/5.0


  • Reasonable Price
  • Lightweight
  • Consistent Performer
  • Accurate
  • Mag-Fed
  • Two Years Warranty


  • Comes with Small Magazine

Pro Tips

The extra-surface on the frame ensures a tight grip. This pistol is easy to Handle and Operate during serious actions. The Picatinny rails allow you to upgrade or customize this pistol gun by fixing additional attachments.

2. JT ER2 Pump Paintball Pistol Kit-Smoke


JT ER2 Pump Paintball



  • .68 Caliber
  • 12 gram CO2 Cartridges
  • 30 Paintballs
  • Barrel Plug Smooth Firing Pump Handle
  • Safety Feature
  • Anti-Chop Technology
  • Lightweight

Un-Biased Review

JT Toxins is among the lLeading Paintball Pistols Manufacturers. The Weapons manufactured by the firm are highly-featured, need low maintenance, and available at reasonable prices.

ER2 Pump Paintball Pistol is a perfect example of their Professional Creativity. The pistol comes out with a sleek design, cool inner-specs, and delivers efficient performance without putting any strain on its durability and reliability.

Finished with high-end plastic material, ER2 offers a simple yet durable design. Comfort Grip, Easy to Handle and Operate, Smooth Trigger, and Low Maintenance are other spotlight features of this top paintball pistol.

It features five 12grams CO2 tubes and each of them filled with 10 paintballs. In short, you can shoot a total of 50 rounds without going for a refill. Most of the models lack this facility means you have to purchase separate paintball fillers and tubes after buying the weapon.

Another dominating spec of ER2 is the installed Pump Mechanism. Moreover, the anti-chop technology allows you a flawless shooting experience. The pistol is exclusively designed for Beginners and Intermediate Level Players.

JT ER2 Pump Paintball Pistol Kit-Smoke

Besides, the pistol comes with an Additional Safety feature. It has two Health Status Lights onboard. The pistol is ready to use when Black Light Blinks. However, the red light indicates malfunctioning of the inner specs of the gun. This feature makes this weapon Easy to Carry and Use for Beginner and Amateur players.

For durable performance, you have to look after the internal mechanism of the pistol regularly. The gun features 9 screws on the main body. You will get access to inner parts by unscrewing them. Importantly, ER2 is ready to deliver, right after unboxing.


  • Weight: 1.95 Pounds
  • Preferable for: Intermediate / Pros
  • Review Rating: 4.8/5.0


  • Easy to Use
  • Designed for Tournament-Grade Games
  • Works on Pump Mechanism
  • Durable, Accurate and Fast


  • No Hopper and you have to buy separately

Pro Tips

The special ER2 kit includes a .68 Caliber Pump Marker with 50 Paintballs, 5 CO2 Tubes, and each filled with 10 paintballs, 5 CO2 Cartridges, and JT Elite Paintball Mask. No doubt, the whole set makes this pistol worth investing your money.

3. T4E Umarex .43cal Smith & Wesson Paintball Pistol


T4E Umarex .43cal Smith



  • .43 Caliber
  • 180mn Barrel
  • Lightweight
  • Semi-Automatic
  • 8 Rounds Capacity
  • CO2 Blowback Action
  • Adjustable Yellow Dot Sights
  • Safety Trigger

Un-Biased Review

Smith & Wesson are renowned manufactures of Firearms and Ammunition. They have been in this business since 1952 and better known for the production of Durable, Accurate, and Realistic guns and pistols.

T4E Umarex is one of the proud products of this firm. T4E is the replica of the original real steel S&W M&P9 M2.0 Pistol. Equipped with a .43 caliber profile, T4E Umarex is a fully-featured paintball pistol and designed to perform in all conditions without compromising Efficiency, Durability, Accuracy, and overall Performance.

The pistol features a Realistic yet Smart Design. It is lightweight and easy to carry around. The manufacturers have used military-grade Aluminum and Nylon Fiber polymers for the long-lasting performance of this weapon. It also features a Metal Barrel and Metal Slide to ensure protection from sudden falls.

T4E Umarex works on the Dual Trigger Pull Mechanism. After pushing the trigger, the inner barrel moves towards the magazine and seals off the barrel from the magazine. This process consumes less amount of CO2 and places the paintball round in the barrel quickly. No doubt, this function increases the safety of the gun.

The power source of this marker is CO2 and holds the capacity to fire 8 rounds. It also features Adjustable Yellow Dot Sights. Moreover, you can use this weapon in both Manual and Semi-Auto Firing Mode depends on your scenarios.

Surprisingly, the rounds fired from this pistol can travel at around 300FPS. Moreover, the ergonomic grip makes this gun easy to handle and operate during serious actions. Indeed, the pistols need very little maintenance after long gaming sessions.


  • Weight: 1.2 lb
  • Preferable for: Newbie’s / Intermediate / Pros
  • Review Rating: 4.7/5.0


  • Lightweight and Durable
  • Semi-Automatic Firing MOD
  • Supports different Paintballs
  • Ergonomic Grip
  • Trigger Safety Mechanism
  • Comes with 1 magazine


  • Long-strength Trigger Pull

Pro Tips

No doubt, it is a versatile gun and equally preferable for players of all categories. The .43 barrel makes this gun supportive for all kinds of paintballs such as rubber balls and pepper balls. It also features a Picatinny rail for easy attachment of lights or other accessories.

4. JT Splatmaster z100 Painball Pistol .50 cal[


JT Splatmaster z100



  • .50 Caliber
  • Rea Slide Action
  • Quick Release Mag holds 7 paintballs
  • Cocking Assist Handle
  • Reusable Target
  • Accurate up-to 50 Feet
  • Spring Action Firing
  • No CO2 or Batteries Required

Un-Biased Review

When it comes to Quality and Durable Paintball Pistols under Budget-Friendly tags, then you can’t skip JT Toxins products. The company always works hard to manufacture high-end pistols with easy to operate features to improve User-Experience.

JT Splatmaster z100 Paintball Pistol .50 cal is the latest arrival in the JT Pistol series. The pistol is designed for Kids and Newbie players. No doubt, this weapon is easy to operate and needs a little bit of maintenance after endless gaming sessions.

With an all-plastic design, z100 showcases a simple hence durable exterior frame. It is lightweight and easy to carry. The weapon uses a spring-loaded system. All you need is to pull the slide on the top of the pistol back to chamber a paintball.

Nevertheless, the gun works on an improved magazine fed system and features .50 caliber paintballs. The usage of a spring-loaded system reduces the velocity of the shots with minimal chances of injuries.

Instead of using CO2 Cartridges or Batteries, z100 works on a slide action mechanism. Moreover, the quick release magazine enables this weapon to hold seven rounds of ammunition. This little beast is capable to shoot 50 feet away targets with perfect accuracy.

The complete shipment package includes a z100 pistol with a Reusable Target for skills improvement and a cocking handle with some additional accessories such as a barrel plug and a barrel squeegee to clear out the jams within the barrel.


  • Weight: 1.45 Pounds
  • Preferable for: Newbie’s
  • Review Rating: 4.6/5.0


  • Very Affordable
  • Easy to Use and Maintain
  • Best for Children


  • Not a Field Paintball Pistol

Pro Tips

z100 is one of the best paintball pistols on our list as it works on a simple mechanism and ensures lifetime durability. If you are looking to buy a paintball pistol for childrenz100 will be the best choice for you at a reasonable price.

5. Walther TA4 PPQ M2


Walther TA4 PPQ M2



  • .43 Caliber
  • Polymer Grip for Handling
  • 3-Dot Sight for Enhanced Accuracy
  • High Quality Barrel
  • Metallic magazine
  • 12-gram CO2 Cartridge
  • CO2 Cylinder loads up-to 3 times
  • Fire different variety of balls

Un-Biased Review

Walther is a famous paintball gun manufacturing firm. The company holds 100 years’ experience in the production of Highly-Featured and User-Friendly guns. Nevertheless, there are hundreds of other reasons to buy for this Brand.

Walther TA4 PPQ M2 is one of the top paintball pistols of this company. Due to ergonomic design and comfortable handling, it feels like a realistic marker. The industry recommends this pistol for Intermediate and Pro-paintball players.

The exterior frame of the pistol is made with high-quality materials. Moreover, it features Polymer Grips to ensure perfect handling during all conditions. It is an extremely lightweight and durable performer during tough competitions.

It is a 0.43 caliber pistol that features a metallic slide, upgraded barrel, and a metallic magazine. The magazine can hold 8 rounds and uses a 12-gram CO2 Cartridge to fire 8bps without compromising performance. 

Due to Blowback System, you can shot 24 rounds before going for a refill. You can switch to different balls such as rubber balls, pepper balls, and paintballs as well.

TA4 comes out with Fixed Foresight and Modified Rare sight for enhanced accuracy levels. Surprisingly, you can also upgrade its rare sights for a better field view. It also features a Safety lock mechanism to prevent the accidental shooting.


  • Weight: 2.8 Pounds
  • Preferable for: Intermediate / Pros
  • Review Rating: 4.4/5.0


  • Sleek Design
  • Ergonomic Polymer Grip
  • Intuitively Positioned Magazine Release
  • Adjustable Rare Sight
  • Safety Lock
  • Affordable Price


  • Low Magazine Capacity

Pro Tips

The pistol also features Picatinny rails on the lower side. This spec allows you to mount additional accessories to the gun such as a flashlight or laser. The official package of T4E includes a Gun, 1 Magazine, and a Hard Case.

6. First Strike Compact Pistol


First Strike Compact Pistol



  • .68 Caliber
  • Under Mount Rail
  • Textured Grip
  • Micro-Honed Barrel
  • Compatible with 8.1/9.1 Magazine
  • 20% Smaller Size
  • 8 Gram CO2 cartridges to Operate
  • 2 6-round magazines

Un-Biased Review

First Strike Paintball Weapon Kits are equally popular among paintball lovers of all categories. The company is known for Compact, Durable, and Versatile Paintball Weapons at a reasonable price.

The First Strike Compact Pistol is the highly-appreciated weapon of the firm. Indeed, FSC is an incredible sidearm for anyone looking to upgrade its gameplay. The pistol ensures Quality, Consistent Performance, and Sharp Accuracy under all conditions.

It is a .68 caliber paintball pistol with a smaller design, shorter length, and flexible grip frame. Moreover, it is lightweight and easy to carry. Due to the usage of high-end manufacturing materials, FSC requires low maintenance.

You can operate this pistol either with 8-gram CO2 Cartridges as Standard ammo or 12-gram CO2 cartridges. Furthermore, it is a pistol highly customizable gun.

Equipped with Ambidextrous Safety, this pistol is equally secure for gamers of all circuits. In addition to this, it features 2 six-round magazines to ensure consistent performance during tournament-grade games.

The pistol is engineered with Micro-Haned Barrel though it also accepts 8.1/9.1 barrels. For an enhanced accurate range, you can replace its original barrel. Moreover, Front Accessory Rail allows you to install different helpful accessories.


  • Weight: 2.68 Pounds
  • Preferable for: Newbie’s / Intermediate / Pros
  • Review Rating: 4.3/5.0


  • Equipped with an Under-Mount Rail
  • Dual Six-Round Magazines
  • Consistent Performer
  • Compact Weapon
  • Operates with 8-gram or 12-gram CO2 cartridges
  • Highly Customizable


  • Small Handling Grip

Pro Tips

Despite having tons of features, FSC is still easy to operate and maintain. In case of malfunctioning, all you need is to remove a screw from the upper assemble and get access to the inner parts of the pistol.

7. Kingman Training Chaser 11mm Paintball Pistol


Kingman Training Chaser 11mm



  • .43 Caliber
  • Reversal Striker Valve System
  • Aluminum Receiver and Trigger
  • CO2 Cartridge Knob with Assist Lever
  • External Velocity Adjuster
  • High Visibility Sights
  • Rapid Release Striker Bolt
  • Extended Rubber Grip Panel

Un-Biased Review

Kingman is the only paintball firm that attracts more paintball customers than any other brand. The company has introduced some best Paintball Weapons to meet the demands of gamers fall in all categories.

The .43 Caliber Kingman Training Chaser is the best example of their experience and dedication to the field. It features a high-quality aluminum body to ensure longevity without compromising on quality.

Due to Original looks and real-hand pistol weight, 11mm pistol resembles a Realistic Pistol. However, the marker weighs around 3 pounds when fully loaded. For secure handling, it comes with a slightly larger grip panel.

The pistol is capable of shooting 9 rounds per second due to Reversal Striker Valve. In addition to this, the marker can shoot down targets with perfect accuracy at the range of 250 feet during both outdoor and indoor competitions.

Some other attractive features of this pistol include External Velocity Adjuster, Aluminum Trigger Frame, and Quick Release Striker Bolt. Indeed, all these features enable this marker to perform flawlessly for hours without missing a single target.

The pistol operates on CO2 Cartridges, allowing you to shoot up to 70 balls with 1 12 gram co2 cartridges. Moreover, 11mm marker works on Magazine Style Loading System with each mag capable of holding 9 paintball rounds.


  • Weight: 2.8 Pounds
  • Preferable for: Intermediate / Pros
  • Review Rating: 4.2/5.0


  • Reasonable Price
  • Realistic Looks and Design
  • Accurate and Fast
  • Needs Low Maintenance
  • Easy to Operate


  • Not a Long Range Weapon

Pro Tips

The official shipment of the 11mm marker includes a shiny magazine, 2.12-gram CO2 cylinders, a 100 rounds jar of paintball, a safety ball, a squeegee, and other repairing instruments and items.

8. Tiberius Arms T8.1 Paintball Marker Gun Pistol


Tiberius Arms T8.1



  • First Strike Equipped
  • Full Adjustable Velocity
  • Dual Rubber Detents
  • Side Dovetailed Sights
  • 1-Piece Aluminum Upper Receiver
  • Magazine Fed
  • Low Profile Weapon

Un-Biased Review

Tiberius has un-doubtfully modernized the concept of Paintball Markers by introduced some effective and précised weapons. Their paintball guns are Compact, Solid, Accurate, and importantly available under handsome price tags.

The latest T8.1 is designed to take your game-play to a whole new level. This pistol is jam-packed with tons of features and works on the updated shooting mechanism. The gun features solid construction and capable of performing for hours without having troubles.

It is a Low Profile marker with a Tool-Less CO2 Quick Puncture feature. The pistol weighs only 2.15 LBS and offers 7.0 length Barrel. However, this weapon is Easy to Operate but needs a little bit more care.

For better assistance and handling, the pistol comes out with Dual Rubber Detents. Moreover, the side dovetailed iron sights and under-mount Tac Rail allows you to add different accessories right below the gun.

T8.1 is First Round Equipped means you can easily change your weapon from standard rounds to First Strike. Moreover, the optional remote air adaptor is directly connected with the marker to ensure more firepower.

The gun features a 1-piece Aluminum Upper Receiver and a high-quality Trigger for smooth and flawless shooting. In addition to this, the installed velocity adjuster helps you to shoot at different rates.


  • Weight: 2.15 lb
  • Preferable for: Newbie’s / Intermediate / Pros
  • Review Rating: 4.1/5.0


  • Lightweight and Smart Design
  • Accurate for Short Range Targets
  • Easy to Handle and Operate
  • Consistent Performance
  • Affordable


  • Needs little bit Care and Maintenance

Pro Tips

T8.1 is a Magazine Fed weapon and works on CO2 Cartridges. The internal mag of the pistol is capable of holding 12-gram co2 and 8 standard paintballs. Moreover, it can shoot 30 feet away targets with perfect accuracy.

9. GI Sportz Menace .50 cal


GI Sportz Menace .50 cal



  • Realistic Design
  • .50 Caliber
  • 7 Round Magazine
  • Semi-Auto Firing Mode
  • Grip Frame Window
  • Front and Rear Sights
  • Works on 12g CO2
  • Lightweight
  • Durable Construction

Un-Biased Review

GI Sportz is known for the production of high-quality Paintball Guns. Menace .50 cal is a well-recognized product of this firm. The pistol comes with compact and advanced features. Moreover, it is reliable, accurate, and budget-friendly.

It is a Low-Profile .50 caliber paintball pistol. The pistol comes in a realistic design and comfortable handling grip. Moreover, Ambidextrous Safety makes this weapon equally preferable for both right and left-handed players.

The gun features a Grip Frame Window for comfortable handling. For a better field view, the pistol comes with stationary rear and front sights. Moreover, the small size makes this pistol the best sidearm during break-through games.

GI Sportz Menace .50 cal

Menace is a semi-automated pistol that works on mag-mechanism. However, the working of Mag Release of this marker is a little bit different. The mag remains in the released position until the user stops pressing the button. This feature not only saves your time but also allows you to catch the magazine.

The pistol operates on 12-gram CO2. With a single cartridge, you can shoot up to 70 rounds with perfect accuracy. The magazine of Menace can hold 7 paintball rounds. However, you can keep additional magazines for better performance. 


  • Weight: 1.75 Pounds
  • Preferable for: Newbie’s / Intermediate
  • Review Rating: 4.0/5.0


  • Sleek Design
  • Lightweight and Compact
  • Efficient Weapon
  • Easy to Operate
  • Low Maintenance


  • Lacks Extra-Rounds Magazine

Pro Tips

No doubt, Menace is an extremely reliable, accurate, and fast paintball pistol under a reasonable price tag. It is easy to operate and needs little maintenance after long gaming sessions.

Buying Guide

Beginners To Pro

Well, the Buyer’s Guide is very crucial in your purchasing scenario. This section gives your additional knowledge and clears your ambiguities related to your product. If you ignore this section, you might end up with poor purchases.

This section helps you in picking the right paintball pistol or gun that meets your demands and game-play. So, you have to go through this section without bypassing a single point if you want to buy a Best Paintball Pistol.

There are so many points and features that collectively contribute to a top paintball pistol gun. However, I have summarized some of the Most Important Features that you should consider before making your final call.

Best Paintball Pistols
Infographic: Best Paintball Pistols

Price Range:

The most important part of your overall exercise is setting up your Budget. In my opinion, the best paintball pistols are available anywhere from $90 to $130. To be clear, about your pocket budget before picking your Weapon.


Generally, paintball Pistols are manufactured by well-renowned and reputed brands. Each brand focuses on specific features as its trade-mark. Always try to pick paintball pistols for the top-selling brands as mentioned in my list.


The weight and size of Paintball Pistol are very crucial. A lightweight weapon is always easy to carry around. It won’t restrict your movements on the playing field. Selecting an overweight might cause serious issues for you on the battlefield.

Easy to Use:

The operational mechanism of any paintball pistol should be critical analyzed before paying off. Some guns are for pro-gamers and newbies must take proper training before using them.

Quick Disassemble:

A good paintball pistol is always made with durable material and needs low maintenance. However, the real problem starts after you try to unscrew your weapon for cleaning purposes. Always try to pick a pistol that is super-easy to assemble and disassemble.


What is the Best Paintball Pistol for Self-Defense?

TiPX Paintball Pistol Marker Gun is the best Paintball Pistol for Self-Defense. However, you can also choose JT Splatmaster z100 Paintball Pistol .50 cal for perfection and durability.

How Western Revolver Paintball Gun Works?

Western Revolver Paintball Gun operates on standard CO2 cartridge. However, they come in different Caliber Range. No doubt, they are accurate and consistent performers but little fit slower.

What is difference between Mechanical Paintball Pistol and Electronic Paintball Pistol?

Mechanical Paintball Pistols work on Mechanical Mechanism and operated on CO2 or Compressed Air. They are considered as reliable, durable, cheap and need very low maintenance. However, they are not fast and accurate. On the other hand, Electronic Paintball Pistols are powered by circuit boards and batteries. They are fast, accurate and consistent. In fact, these guns are more sensitive and expensive as well.

Recognize your Purchasing Purpose

Before going deep into the Specs and Features of any paintball pistol, you should re-call your reason for purchase. Be clear about your demands and criteria. If you are a newbie, you should go for a Simple and Less expensive marker rather than picking up a high-end pistol.

In short, each paintball pistol is designed for a specific purpose and if you failed to pick the right one, you might regret it later. Recognize your Purchasing Purpose and then step into Paintball Pistols Market.

Paintball Pistols for Sports

Paintball pistols designed for extreme competitions are reliable, accurate, and comfortable. During big games, they are a secondary option however you can’t deny their worth.

If you want to buy a paintball pistol to strengthen your gameplay, go for a Realistic, Quick, and Durable pistol. For me, TPX Paintball Pistols are best for the buyers of this category.

Paintball Pistols for Self-Defense

Nowadays, more and more people prefer paintball pistols as a primary weapon for their self-defense. However, if you are among them then you should find out Small and Compact Paintball Pistols.

Importantly, you have to look after their Operational and Safety Mechanism as well. First Strike Compact and Kingman Training Chaser are the best Paintball Pistols for Self-Defense in the market.

Paintball Pistols for Beginners

If you are a newcomer to paintball sports then you have to focus on those pistols that are Easy to Use and work on a Simple Mechanism.

Most newbies complain about sudden damage and malfunctioning of their pistol. It all happens due to their biased purchase. Don’t follow pros and start your career with a simple marker such as GI Sportz Menace or T8.1 Paintball Pistols.

Types of Paintball Pistols

Paintball Market offers a wide range of Paintball Pistols. Unfortunately, most of them offer similar features and skills. However, by identifying differences such as the Loading and Operating Mechanism, you can easily categorize them.

Each category of paintball pistol has something to offer to the user. If you are interested in knowing the Different Types of Paintball Pistols and their working mechanism, read this whole section carefully.

Pump Paintball Pistol

Pump Paintball Pistols are the Basic kind of Traditional Paintball Pistols. They are simple, easy to use, reliable and works on manual mechanism. These pistols work on backward and forward pulling motion before each shot and they are named Pump Paintball Pistols.

Semi-Automated Paintball Pistol

With time, the classical paintball pistols were replaced by the latest Semi-Automatic Models. These pistols are fast, accurate, and work on advanced shooting mechanism. Furthermore, they are divided into two categories.

  • Manual
  • Electro-Pneumatic

Three-Burst Paintball Pistol

Three-Burst Paintball Pistols are more quick and advanced than the previous two categories. Pistols work on electro-pneumatic mechanism lies in this category. These pistols feature two basic firing modes including Three-Shot Burst ad Semi-Automatic Mode.

Ramping Paintball Pistol Gun

Ramping Paintball Pistols are among the quickest ones in the market. These pistols fire each time you press the trigger. The firing rate increases as you press the trigger continuously. You can fire almost 20 rounds per second with such pistols.

Fully Automatic Paintball Pistol Gun

The most advanced paintball pistols fall into this category. However, the shooting mechanism is quite similar to ramping paintball pistols. They are fast, consistent, accurate, and shoots at long distances without compromising on shooting speed. For long range, it is recommended to use paintball snipers[/su_box]

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