Pro-Paintball Clothing Tips 2023 – All Weathers Dressing Guide

A common question asked by major portion of Paintballers is What to Wear for Paintball in 2023. To be honest, there is no specific Dress Code for Paintballing but this is a serious shooting sport so you must consider proper Protection Gears like Paintball Gloves and Mask to avoid serious injuries.

In fact, the right answer for What to Wear for Paintballing directly depends upon where you are going to be playing. Is it an outdoor park or an indoor field to play on? As a matter of fact, your dressing code can be important in deciding your Success.

Paintball is among those few sports in which you have direct physical contact so Safety must by your first priority. Though, some players are willing to pay for Best Paintball Guns but often avoid protection gears, which is definitely a bad idea.

In this article, we are going to share some basic Paintballing Dress Tips like what to wear for Paintball 2023 and why you need to wear safety gears for Paintball. Indeed, Dressing codes for Women will also be shared in this article.

What to wear for Head and Face Protection

Paintball Mask

Paintball Mask is mandatory for Paintballing. In other words, it’s impossible to play paintball without wearing a Quality Paintball Mask. In fact, paintball mask protects your sensitive parts (eyes, nose and ears) from in-coming paintballs. You can keep some additional lens for varying weather conditions.


Investing in a High-quality Goggle is never a bad idea. Serious paintball players recommend Paintball Goggle for enhanced protection of Face and Eyes. However, you have to pick the right type of Goggle that fits your Paintball Mask and provide clear Optical Field of View.

What to wear for Head and Face Protection


Though, it is not essential to cover-up your head on a paintball field. Since, Head is the most sensitive part of the body. You should try to go for a Full-Coverage Paintball Mask or a paintball designed Cap or Hat to avoid exposing your head to pellets.

Neck Protection

It is also a good practice to wear a Neck Protector for enhanced protection of your neck’s sensitive skin. As we all know, Paintball hurts, so you have to protect your Neck area by wearing a Neck Protector or a Bandanna or even a Turtleneck sweater.

What to wear for Upper-Body Protection


Usually, long sleeve t-shirts are recommended for tactical paintball games. In fact, you have to cover whole skin to avoid un-necessary paintball injuries. Though, t-shirts are little bit expensive yet they helps to absorb paintball shots due to extra padding.


Market is full of Gloves specifically designed for Paintball. These gloves are capable of reducing the chances of cuts and other bone injuries from paintball rounds. However, you can also go for Gardening or other Mechanical work gloves.

Chest Protector

For additional protection of upper body parts, you can wear a Chest Protector. However, chest protectors would not be ideal in the summer. Indeed, if you are playing in air-conditioned indoor paintball fields, then you can wear them sweetly.

What to wear for Upper-Body Protection

Elbow Pads

Paintball is an action-packed sport. There is a lot of dragging and sliding involved in the game. To make sure protection of your elbows, you can wear specific paintball elbow pads. These pads not only protect your skin but also protect your joints.

Tactical Belt

Tactical Belt is normally used if you want to add some extra attachments or loads around your wrist. These belts are strong enough to hold your equipment but flexible enough not to restrict your movements while paintballing.[/su_box]

What to wear for Lower-Body Protection


You can wear different kinds of Tactical Pants for Paintballing. Mostly paintballers prefer to wear long loose paintball jeans paints. In fact, you can buy Paintball sweatpants to keep your legs warm and active in cold weather.

Groin Cup

Sliding and Crawling are basic movement tactics in Paintball. However, you can crack your Nuts by Sliding or sometimes, you can get a hit on the balls. To protect your most precious and sensitive parts, you have to wear a groin cup or exalt pants.

Knee Pads

Though, exclusively designed Paintball Pants can absorb some force during sliding or dragging. But you have to give extra-protection to knees to avoid bone injuries. For this purpose, you can get knee-pads separately as they provide good protection to your knee.


To avoid ankle and toe injuries, you have to wear a proper rubber footwear. As a matter of fact, you cannot participate in any outdoor game without shoes. For paintballing you have to pick nice, slim and lightweight shoes with extra rubber soles.

Paintball Clothing Tips

Your Protection on field is very crucial and you have to consider various protection wearable to ensure your safety. Starting with protecting the head and face and moving down to toe is the Idea we are going to share in this guide.

Lightweight Clothing

It’s never a best idea to wear Additional Layers to ensure your Ultimate Protection on Field. Since paintball is a very energetic game and it doesn’t take much time for temperatures to rise inside your suits. For enjoyable and best combating experience, prefer lightweight clothing that won’t resist movement and keep your Fresh.

Comfortable Footwear

Like mentioned above, paintball is a very energetic game and you should go for comfortable footwear to match the rhythm of the game. Going with high heels or un-comfortable footwear not only restrict your movement but also cause some serious ankle issues. Always try to wear boots with rubber soles and extra ankle support.

No Valuable Items

It is also advised that you should avoid wearing valuables or jewelry on the field to minimize the risk of losing the items. Paintball is a truly active game and you won’t restrict your movements by your concern for your items.

Paintball Clothing Tips

What to wear for Paintball for Girls 2023

Though, paintball is not a male-oriented game yet there are a few differences between the genders. In fact, girls new to the game often ask about specific Paintballing Dress Codes for Girls to get the most out of their experience on field.

As a matter of fact, women can wear anything when playing paintball. However, there are some Pro-Tips, what girls should wear when going for a game. First of all, avoid wearing skinny ladies jeans and casual ladies bra.

  • Sweatpants or Loose Jeans Paints
  • Sports Bra with Paintball Shirts
  • Arm Pads
  • Paintball Goggles
  • Full-Protection Paintball Mask
  • Sports Shoes
  • Knee and Arm-pads
  • Padded Gloves
  • Bandana for Hairs

What to wear for Paintball for Hot-Summer 2023

Paintballers might face some problems in the summers. In fact, clothing choice is one of the main issue, you might want to re-think. To help you in your preparations for Summer Paintballing, we have complied List of Pro-Tips.

  • Stay Hydrate: Drink as much water as you can to avoid getting heatstroke
  • Prefer Light Clothing: Wear loose pants and long sleeve shirts
  • Use Cap or Hat: To protect yourself from sunburn
  • Carry Less Gear: Avoid using heavy stuff and extra-padding

What to wear for Paintball for Winter 2023

Mostly paintballers like winter but this season reduces the pace of your play. In fact, winter demands extra safety of your paintball guns and other essential equipment. Here are some tips for what to wear for paintball in winter.

  • Wear Warm Jackets
  • Long Sleeve Shirts and Long Pants
  • Waterproof boots
  • Paintball Gloves
  • Extra-Padding
  • Knee and Elbow Pads
  • Stay Hydrated
  • Use Anti-Fog Spray to kill fog


What should you wear to paintball for the first time?

Paintball is a sport that requires a lot of endurance and stamina. It helps if you arrive in good shape so that you can last for a long time. Therefore, it is advisable to wear sporty clothes that are loose to allow you to move around freely. Wear clothes that are breathable. You are sure to sweat a lot. Wear clothes that are not very bright.

What does Pro-Paintballers wear during Tournaments?

Pro paintballers wear the same clothes as the regular players do.  The difference is that they are sponsored, meaning that they get free paintball gear in return for their efforts of promoting the company.  So what they wear is pretty much the exact same things that the regular players wear, just with a different paintball manufacturer’s logo on it.

What should I wear to paintball when it's hot?

When it’s hot you want to wear clothing that breathes easily and doesn’t restrict your movement. Try to stay away from clothing that is tight around your waist or hips.

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