What to Wear For Paintball in 2023 | Buyer’s Guide

Whether you’re a recreational player or an amateur trying to break into the professional scene. The right gear is essential for success. In our guide, we’ll explain what you need to know about paintball clothing, including key features and why they’re important. From face shields to jerseys and more, we break down the basics of how paintball clothing works and how to get fitted properly so that you can hit the field looking great while protecting yourself and your teammates!

What to Wear for Paintball

Paintball is a sport that requires a certain level of preparation. It’s not just about wearing the right gear and getting the right equipment, it’s also about finding the right clothing to wear. Paintball can be played in almost any weather condition, but there are some conditions that are better than others. You can’t just step onto the field and start shooting paintballs at your opponents. You need to protect your body and face, as well as protect yourself from injury.

Things to Consider Before Choosing Paintball Clothing

Paintball is a sport that takes place on a field, so you don’t need to worry about dressing up in fancy clothes or anything like that. However, there are some things you should take into consideration when choosing what to wear to play paintball.

Here are some suggestions:

  1. Wear clothing that is comfortable and easy to move in – Paintball requires you to run around and duck behind cover, so it’s important that your clothes allow you to move freely and easily. You don’t want to be slowed down by restrictive clothing or have your movements restricted by tight-fitting clothing!
  2. Choose clothing that covers most of your body – Clothing that covers most of your body is always recommended because it makes it harder for other players to shoot at you. This is especially true if you’re playing with a group of people who know each other well and are likely to accidentally shoot each other!
  3. Wear protective gear – Paintball guns shoot paintballs at high speeds, so it’s important that you protect yourself from injury by wearing protective gear such as masks, gloves, and other protective equipment. This will keep you safe from getting hit with paintballs while still allowing you to enjoy the game!
  4. Choose clothing in bright colors – Brightly colored clothing makes it easier for players on both teams to see each other during the game, which can make it less likely that someone will get accidentally shot!
  5. Wear comfortable shoes – Paintball is an active sport that requires a lot of movement. As such, you should wear comfortable shoes that don’t restrict your movement or cause blisters during the game. Wearing high heels or sandals isn’t recommended as they can easily come off while playing.

What to Wear for Playing Paintball? Step-by-Step Guide

What to Wear for Playing Paintball?

It’s not just about wearing the right clothes and shoes, but also about using the right equipment that will help you play in a safe manner. The best way to stay safe is to wear protective gear that covers your head, face, neck, torso, and hands. You can also get special paintball pants or pants with padding on the knees and elbows so that you don’t get hurt by falling on them.

Paintball Shirts

Paintball Shirts

The first thing you need is a good paintball shirt. Paintball shirts are designed specifically for the sport and have several features that make them ideal for playing paintball:

Lightweight: Paintballs can travel at speeds up to 300 feet per second (fps), so you want to make sure your shirt isn’t too heavy or bulky.

Thick fabric: Even though they’re lightweight, they should still have some thickness, so they won’t rip easily when you get hit by a paintball.

Extra protection: Some companies offer extra padding in certain areas like the shoulders and arms so that you can protect yourself from bigger hits from other players.

Long sleeves: Long-sleeved paintball shirts are ideal because they’ll protect your arms from getting hit by another player’s paintballs. They also offer extra protection for your shoulders and chest.

Breathable fabric: You’ll want a shirt that’s made of breathable material, so you don’t feel too hot when playing.

Paintball Pants

Paintball Pants

Make sure your pants are comfortable and offer protection from splatter. They should also be made from breathable materials so that they don’t get too hot during play. Cargo pants are best. For more tactical look, there are many camouflage options available that will suit just about any style.

Paintball Masks

Paintball Masks are essential when it comes to protecting your eyes from paintballs flying at high speeds! There are tons of different styles available so make sure you choose one that fits comfortably and offers full coverage for your face, including goggles or glasses since those areas aren’t protected by the mask itself.

Paintball Gloves

Paintball Gloves are an important part of protecting your hands from getting hurt during play! You can go with fingerless gloves if you want maximum comfort. But even if you do, it’s better to wear a protective glove on your shooting hand. It will help keep the trigger finger safe from getting hit by paintballs. Get a pair of gloves that is comfortable, sturdy, and durable.

Paintball Groin Cup

In paintball, groin cups are worn by both men and women. Yes, this is another item that you might not have thought about before but trust me when I say it will save your life (or at least make things much more comfortable). It’s one of those items that you don’t realize how useful it is until you actually try one on! It protects against hits to the groin area and keeps everything intact while moving around in the field. Also, they come in different sizes so don’t worry if you think they might not fit properly.

Paintball Holsters

Paintball holsters are used on your waistband or leg to hold your paintballs during gameplay. They come in different styles and colors depending on the brand and model of paintball gun you own. Some of them also have pockets where you can store extra paintballs or accessories like magazines and extra batteries.

There are different types of paintball holsters available on the market today including belts, vests, back, and chest straps. The type of holster that you choose will depend on how long. You’re planning on playing paintball as well as your level of comfort with the equipment itself.

If you plan on playing for a long period of time, then it’s best to invest in a belt-mounted holster so that it doesn’t interfere with your movement or mobility during gameplay. If you’re a beginner and don’t plan on playing for too long, then it might be best to opt for a vest-mounted holster so that you can still move around freely.

Paintball Knee Pad

Knee pads help protect your knees from injuries caused by falling onto hard surfaces during play. You should buy knee pads that fit properly so that they do not move around while playing and get in the way of movement or visibility of players on the field.

Paintball Goggles

Paintball Goggles are perhaps the most important piece of equipment in paintball. You must be able to see and hear clearly in order to play well. The best goggles have a wide field of vision and anti-fog lenses, which means that they won’t fog up even when playing in hot weather or breathing heavily during play.

Paintball Vest

A paintball vest is a must-have item if you want to play paintball in 2022. It’s a padded vest that will help protect your torso from being hit by paintballs. It’s designed with several layers of foam padding to ensure maximum protection and comfort. When purchasing a paintball vest, it’s important that it fits well on your body. It won’t restrict your movement and hinder your performance during the game.

Paintball Headwear

You need plenty of head protection when playing paintball because most players wear helmets to protect their heads from getting hit by a paintball. There are two types of paintball helmets.

  • Full face masks
  • Half face masks

Both of which are available in various colors and styles. Full face masks cover your entire face except for your eyes, while half masks cover only one-half of your face. Also, we recommend you buy one pair of goggles along with each helmet so that if anything falls on your mask (like sweat), then you can use them as backup without having to take off your helmet.

Paintball Body Armor

Body armor is the most important piece of paintball equipment in the game because it protects you from getting hit by paintballs. There are two types of body armor – chest protectors and shoulder pads – both of which are available in various colors and styles like camouflage patterned ones. You’ll also find different levels of protection depending on what type of paintball you play; speedball is played outdoors.

Paintball Shoe

Shoes are an important part of any player’s gear because they help them run faster, jump higher and move more easily than without them. So make sure that you choose shoes that are comfortable and easy to wear as well as durable enough to withstand all sorts of conditions like riding shoes for riding. 

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Final Words

Hopefully, we’ve given you some ideas to help you get started planning your 2022 paintball wardrobe. With the proper gear, paintball isn’t just safer, it’s better. If you’re in the market for new paintball gear, now is a great time to be shopping. Considering this, your clothing choices should be made out of the right material. The right clothing will keep you cool and comfortable while still being protective.


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