How to Pick a Right Paintball Marker – Exploring Different Types

How to Pick a Right Paintball Marker

If you are a Newbie in Paintball sports then you might be interested to know about the different types of Paintball Guns and their working mechanism. As a matter of fact, there are so many Types of Paintball Guns and now the question raises is how do you pick the right one.

Paintball is a fun sport that takes you in an alternate world full of action and thrill. For some players, it is just a game but for serious players Paintball means Passion. They would make all efforts for choosing the Best Paintball Guns to dominate the field.

Are all Paintball Markers the Same

Each kind of a Paintball Gun has a different Feature, Firing Rate and Price. Pump Paintball Guns are considered as the Cheapest Markers in the list due to their slow firing rate and limited range of inner-specs and features.

Mechanical Paintball Markers are specifically designed for Budget-Minded players. They are fast, durable and primarily recommended for beginners. Electronic Paintball Guns are the Most Expensive that their counterparts. In fact, they are super-fast and best for speedball.

Different Types of Paintball Guns

Currently, Paintball Markers can be divided into three basic types i.e. Pump, Mechanical and Electronic Paintball Guns. Off-course, all of them have their pros and cons depending on the requirements of the player.

Pump Paintball Guns

Pump Guns are the Basic Type of Paintball Guns but still considered as trusty choice. They are simple and work on Manual Shooting Mechanism. It needs you to pump it before every shot. Due to slower shooting rate, Pump Markers aren’t popular among Advanced Paintball players. However, they are Durable and best for strategy-based games.

  • Price: Very Cheap
  • Firing Speed: Slow
  • Best For: Strategy-Based Games

Different Types of Paintball Guns

Mechanical Paintball Gun

This type of Paintball gun is commonly used by Beginner or Intermediate Players. In fact, Mechanical guns are reliable and offers higher firing rate. Importantly, these paintball guns are available under very decent price tags. Averagely, mechanical markers are capable of shooting 5-6 rounds per second depends on the speed of the Trigger Pull.

  • Price: Mid-Range
  • Firing Speed: Above Average
  • Best For: Woodsball

Electro-pneumatic Paintball Guns

This is the latest type of Paintball Guns available in market. These markers are specifically designed for Speedball. They work on Electronic Circuit Boards and Batteries. Instead of manually pulling the trigger back, all you need is to hit a small switch to prepare the gun for next shot. These guns offer much faster firing rate.

  • Price: Expensive
  • Firing Rate: Super- Fast
  • Best for: Speedball

Some other Types of Paintball Gun

Apart from Basic Type of Paintball Guns, there are also some other types as well. Though, mostly players doesn't consider them but for the sake of information and guideline for Beginners, we are going to share them.

Machine Gun Paintball Markers

They are the most advanced Paintball Guns. These guns are designed to shoot very fast, much like realistic machine guns. In fact, you can also up-grade your Mechanical Markers into Machine Guns to have some more fun.

Some other Types of Paintball Gun

Fully-Automatic Paintball Gun

Fully-Automatic Paintball Gun another convenient type of Paintball Gun. They are best for speedball due to much-faster firing rate. This type of paintball guns are capable of shooting more than one shot with just one pull of the Trigger.

Semi-Automatic Paintball Gun

These guns are commonly preferred by serious paintball players. They are fast, reliable and easy to operate on field. These paintball guns works on one pull, one shot mechanism and require players to pull the trigger every-time they want to shot.


How do I Choose a Paintball Gun?

Choosing your first paintball gun can be daunting, especially with so many options out there. However, the first thing you’ll notice when you pick up a paintball gun is its weight. The lighter they are, the more expensive they are. A lighter gun means easier handling and running, but you’ll pay the price with your wallet. You’ll also want to check out the level of customization.

What kind of Paintball guns are used by Pros in the Tournaments?

The most popular paintball guns used by pros in the tournaments are the Tippmann A-5 and the Tippmann 98 Custom. Both the guns are excellent and perform well in any weather conditions. The A-5 can be used in both Metal and ABS Barrels and the 98 Custom has a special Action Trigger and an Action Pivot. These two guns are very popular and widely used by the paintball players in the tournaments.

What is the Best Paintball Gun for Woodsball?

The best paintball gun for woodsball is the Tippmann X7 Phenom. This is a great marker. It is very consistent and reliable. It also has a great feed neck and a trigger that can be adjusted.

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