Types of Paintball Games – Exploring Paintball Variations

Types of Paintball Games

Paintball has changed over the past decades. Now players have many Different Paintball Games to play. Each game has its own playing rules and codes for players. Moreover, you may experience unique gaming scenarios at local paintball centers.

However, there are two basic types of Paintball – Speedball, and Woodsball. Speedball is a fast yet shorter version of Paintball. It is more professional and often played in urban areas. On the other hand, Woodsball is the oldest format of this game and usually organized in open and large-sized natural environments.

Different Ways of Playing Paintball


It is probably the most liked format of paintball. This game involves the same amount of players on each side. Your goal in this game is to eliminate every player on the opposite side. There is no time limit but it usually takes 10 to 15 minutes to complete a match.

The playing format of Elimination may vary to the field structure and number of players. Sometimes, players can get Multiple Lives which means you can remain in-game even after getting few shots. It is a longer format of Elimination.

Capture the Flag 

It is another exciting type of Paintball. Players have to locate and grab the flag of the opposing team without getting shot. This format needs a lot of strategy and tactics from the invading side. Moreover, the rules of elimination are the same for both teams.

Capture the Flag 

However, the rules in this format are quite different from other games. You should enter the field with an equal number of players on both sides. Everybody should know the location of flags, and none of the sides is allowed to hide or remove the flag.

Defend the Castle

Most paintball players like to play this format of paintball because it is full of action and thrill. In this game, one team has to defend their castle from the other teams. The game has simple rules and no time limits.

Both teams have an equal number of players. However, one side stays at their territory while the other side has to attack and conquer their territory. This format of paintball demands pure skills and tactics for victory.

Center Flag Push

The gameplay of Center Flag Push resembles the playing format of Grab the Flag. However, it is a more thrilling type of paintball. In this game, one flag is placed in the center of the playing field. The mission of both sides is to retrieve the flag without getting shot.

It is a more challenging type of game because you have to pass through a heavy firing zone to reach the flag’s location. You must make a proper strategy to obtain the flag and bring it back to your base.

Protect the VIP

It is a kind of VIP Security game. There are two teams, with each has one VIP member. All players must protect the VIP from the opposite players, while the opposing side must shot the VIP to claim their victory in the match.

This format of the game requires high-quality shooting skills. Sometimes teams call their top shooters or snipers to target the VIP. According to the rules, you must hit the VIP to win the match. If other players get a shot, they will re-enter the field.


What are the main types of Paintball?

There are two main types of paintball games – Woodsball and Speedball. However, these types are further divided into sub-categories. Woodsball is the oldest and traditional format of paintball. On the other hand, speedball is a fast and modern type of paintball.

How many types of Paintball Games are offered by Paintball Facilities?

You can play several games on paintball fields. However, it depends on the size and the equipment offered by them. Usually, large-sized paintball fields are considered the best option for woodsball games.

Which is the Best Woodsball Paintball Gun?

You can use Electronic-Mechanical or Semi-Automatic paintball gun for woodsball competitions. In our view, Tippmann Cronus and Tippmann A-5 are the best options for woodsball games. They are fast, reliable and perform in all kinds of conditions.

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