Tippmann TMC Review 2021 – Best Cheap Mag-Fed Marker

It always seems great to have a Mag-Fed Marker in any Paintball event. Perhaps, a reliable and solid Mag-Fed marker could be expensive for some players until you look around and find out the latest Tippmann TMC Magazine-Fed Marker.

Tippmann TMC is a low-budget paintball marker that is primary designed for Entry Level players and suitable for any Tactical Paintball Game. In fact, TMC is equipped with all the features you would expect on a highly-priced Paintball Gun.

Tippmann TMC Review

Tippmann TMC – Best Cheap Mag Fed Paintball Gun


  • Aluminum Construction
  • Attached ASA at Bottom
  • Mag-Fed Marker
  • Semi-Automatic
  • Dual-Feed Options
  • Operated with CO2
  • Adjustable Sights
  • Collapsible Stock
  • Rubber Coated Trigger Frame


Basically, TMC is a Mag-Fed version of the famous Tippmann Cronus. However, TMC comes out with exceptional features integrated with sturdy Built and Reliable Internals. In fact, Tippmann TMC is great for Woodsball.

Unbiased Review


Tippmann TMC gives a Realistic Assault Rifle feel. It is a reliable kind of gun due to the usage of high-quality construction materials. The main body of the TMC is furnished from Aluminum whereas its inner-parts are made from Metal and Plastic.

The ergonomic design of TMC is further supported with extended Rubber Grips to provide you great stability and consistency on the field. The gun is quite easy to handle and almost unbreakable under all kinds of harsh conditions.

The gun also features a Collapsible Stock. You can easily Collapse and Adjust the Stock into five different positions. To ensure fully-operational performance on the field, the marker features an Internal Gas Line System.

Dual-Feed Option

It is basically a Semi-Automatic marker that can be used with a Hopper or a Magazine. The magazines used by TMC have a carrying capacity of 19 paintball rounds. In fact, they are made up of good-quality plastic material and are remarkably sturdy.

The hopper adopter comes with an official shipment of Tippmann TMC. As a matter of fact, it is super easy to switch from using Magazines to the Hopper. All you need is to unscrew the known to remove the piece to put the hopper feed neck onto the gun.

Inner Specs

  • .68 Caliber
  • Internal Gas Line System
  • 12-Inch Barrel Stock
  • 98- Barrel Thread
  • In-Line Bolt System
  • Works at 250 to 350 FPS
  • 20-Rounds Double Magazine
  • Installed Picatinny Rails
  • Built-in Aluminum Receiver

Shooting Efficiency

TMC is equipped with traditional Tippmann’s in-line Bolt System. This system ensures the consistent performance of the marker not only by minimizing the chances of breaking the paint inside the Barrel but also by preventing chopped paint.

The gun also features a Blowback Style Bolt/Valve that controls the Tank Pressure. TMC can operate around 750 PSI and provides up-to 325 FPS but the ability to operate at high-pressure turns it down into a Noisy Marker.

The CO2 Tank is attached to the bottom of the grip. Sadly, some problems related to the leakage of CO2 Tank is a real drawback of this marker. Other than that, TMC is an effective product and a real deal-breaker.

Trigger Frame

Furthermore, TMC features an “Easy to Pull” Trigger that fits all sized hands. The gun uses the Rubber coated Trigger Frame to provide extra comfort level and a firm base to ensure a nice grip and very smooth pull of the Trigger.



TMC is engineered with 12-inch Stock Barrel that makes it among the Best Accurate Mag-Fed Paintball Guns for the Money. The gun is capable of covering up to 150 feet range with average accuracy whereas by using good-standard projectiles, the chances of hitting the targets can boost up to 50%.

The accuracy of TMC nearly doubles when you switch to Mag-Fed and use the round-shaped Paintball ammo. Moreover, by adding an Optic set, you can easily increase the accuracy of the TMC at around 400-500 feet.


For the long-lasting performance of any marker, you always need to clean and maintain them from time to time. Same in the case with TMC, as it needs regular maintenance and you must ensure to clean off the gun for better and improved performance.


Nevertheless, TMC is a highly customizable Marker and you can add a lot of accessories to upgrade the performance of your gun. Due to Standard Inner Specs, you can up-grade TMC by using various parts meant for the set-up of 98 Custom. To mount extra accessories, you can use Rail System provided.

The Good
  • Dual-Feed Marker
  • Easy to switch between Hopper and Magazines
  • Comes at a reasonable price
  • Sturdy Built
  • Equipped with Advanced Features
  • Best Gun for Tactical Games
  • Lightweight and Easy to Maintain
The Bad
  • Little bit Noisy
  • Issues with CO2 Tank
If you want to step over into the Mag-Fed world then Tippmann TMC would be the best option to get started with. It is an excellent marker for paintballers of all categories yet available under reasonable price tags..




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