Planet Eclipse Geo 4 Review 2021 – Best Electronic Paintball Gun for Pros

The Planet Eclipse Geo 4 is the latest arrival in the legendary Geo Paintball Gun series. However, Geo 4 is way smarter and advanced than its predecessors because it is upgraded to the max and offers Unrivaled reliability.

The gun features a hose-less design and egronomical grips to ensure unparalleled stability and performance on the playing field. Besides, the capability of operating at 135 PSI makes GEO 4 equally favorable for players of all categories.

Planet Eclipse Geo 4 Review

Planet Eclipse Geo 4 – Best Electronic Paintball Gun for Pros


  • GEOIV Bespoke Custom Milled Body
  • GEOIV Frame With Reduced Grip Angle
  • GEOIV POPS Assembly
  • GEOIV Updated IVCore Bolt System
  • GEOIV Bespoke Backcap For Quick Release Bolt Mechanism
  • SFR Bolt Speed Control
  • Low Profile Feed Neck With Locking Sprocket Wheel
  • Quick Release Eye Covers
  • Toolless Battery Replacement
  • Quick-Disconnect Electrical Body To Frame Interface
  • Two Piece Wrap-Around Interlocking Grips
  • Non-Slip Rubberised Foregrip/Battery Cover
  • Pocketed And Captured Air Transfer Seals


It is a Spool Valve Marker that features GEOIV Bespoke Quick Release Bolt Mechanism, and GEOIV updated IVCore Bolt System. Moreover, the revised FL barrel with aluminum shaft gives ultimate accuracy even at long-range distances.

Unbiased Review


The first improvement you will see in GEO 4 is its customized design for a better user experience. The gun features a Bespoke Custom Milled body to ensure exceptional performance even during harsh and rough outdoor conditions.

The design is compact and is well-incorporated in its low-profile body, making it reliable and lightweight at the same time. Also, the increased space between Trigger and Fore-grip allows you to handle this marker in the best possible way, especially during quick movements.

Moreover, GEO 4 offers an improved Grip Frame angle, which means it will be ideal and comfortable to operate even if you are wearing full-finger Gloves.  The gun also offers soft wraparound grips to avoid sudden falls and damages.

Inner Specs

  • Shaft FL Barrel System With 0.689″ Insert And Rubber Grip
  • Shaft FL Aluminium Barrel Tip – Total Length 14.5″
  • GEOIV Revised SL5 Inline Regulator In Grip Frame
  • 135Psi Operating Pressure
  • Ultra Low Power Solenoid Pilot Valve
  • In-House Manufactured User-Serviceable ISCIS3 Valve
  • 5-Point Adjustable Blade Trigger
  • Interchangeable Tigger Profiles
  • 2 X AA Battery Operation
  • Micro USB Programming Port
  • Eportal Compatible

Shooting Efficiency

GEO 4 is for serious Paintball players because it is compact, fast, and reliable. The gun is powered by IV Core and features on-board SFR. This system allows users to control and adjust various functions and operations of the marker.

By using on-board SFR, you can control the shooting rate of the marker. Moreover, the decoupled Breech-sensing valve design ensures smooth handling of the paint even during wet conditions. This feature also protects the marker by avoiding ball-jamming inside the barrel.


Another amazing feature of GEO 4 is its 5-Point Adjustable Blade Trigger. The trigger is super-soft and allows you to enjoy a consistent shooting experience without hurting your fingers. Besides, you can also upgrade the trigger.

GEO 4 Review 2021



Without a doubt, GEO 4 is among the highly-accurate paintball markers. It is because of the installed FL Barrel System. The FL barrel with aluminum shaft FL barrel tip ensures neat accuracy within the range of 300 feet.

Additional Features

GEO 4 will be an exceptional shooting machine on the field because it features a large volume of the firing chamber and modified bolt port geometry. This feature also provides a smooth and consistent shooting ability to the marker.


Apart from high-end features and specs, GEO 4 is still super-easy to clean and maintain. The gun comes out with a hose-less design which means you can easily access the circuit board, batteries, and breech sensors without using tools.

Another dominating feature of GEO 4 is its wire-less interface between the body and the mainframe. It is an advanced maintenance feature that allows you to maintain the marker without worrying about damages.


The installed IV Core’s technology makes GEO 4 one of the quiet paintball markers available in the market. GEO 4 usually operates on as low as 135 PSI and produces very little kick. It is the actual reason behind the noise-free shooting mechanism of GEO 4.

The Good
  • Lightweight and Durable Design
  • Best Electronic Paintball Gun
  • Long Range Accuracy
  • In-Line Regulator
  • LED Monitor and Hose-Free Design
The Bad
  • Not Found Yet
GEO 4 offers a perfect combination between Technology and Craftsmanship. The gun gives everything a player needs to dominate the field. Moreover, it is a highly reliable and durable marker due to the usage of military-grade materials. The compact design allows it to perform equally impressive in all conditions without putting any strain on its durability.

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