Planet Eclipse Etha 2 Review 2021 – Best Electronic Paintball Gun for Beginners

Planet Etha 2 is a second-generation marker and belongs to the famous ETHA series. The gun is perfect for Beginners because it is compact, durable, comfortable, and easy to use. Moreover, the price of Etha 2 is comparatively low than the previous Models of this series.

Without a doubt, Etha 2 is a high-quality paintball gun that exhibits a perfect balance between Innovation, Creativity, and Technology. It is a PAL Enabled paintball marker and is compatible with .68 Caliber Paintballs.

Planet Etha 2 Review

Planet Etha 2 – Best Electronic Paintball Gun for Beginners


  • Electronic Paintball Marker
  • Second Generation of Eclipse Etha
  • PAL Enabled
  • GRN Composite Body
  • Hose-Less Air Flow System
  • Lock and Load System
  • Maintains 4000 PSI
  • Shoots 5-7 rounds each second
  • LED Indicator
  • Aluminum Interior
  • Sufficient Handling Space
  • Upgradable


Etha 2 is at its finest in terms of both – features and performance. It features a sturdy exterior body with extended front grips. Besides, the electronic trigger allows you to use it in two different firing modes – Semi-Automatic and Manual Mode.

Unbiased Review


Etha 2 comes in a simple yet durable design. Indeed, the straightforward design makes it accurate and easy to operate in all kinds of environments. For smooth and consistent performance, the gun is well-protected from both inside and outside.

The exterior frame of Etha 2 is made from high-quality Nylon Materials, while the internal-specs are of Aluminum. The overall construction allows this marker to withstand high-impact shocks and accidental falls.

Moreover, the marker’s feed neck and eye covers are made with Aluminum for long time durability. The spacious grip between the trigger guard and frame not only makes it comfortable to use but also guarantees user-safety.

Despite having a durable construction, Etha 2 is still a lightweight marker. The gun weighs in at 1.2lb, which means it is easy to carry around for hours. Moreover, it has extended front and fore-grip for better and stable handling of the gun.

Inner Specs

  • .68 Caliber Paintball
  • 14-inch Barrel
  • Two Different Firing Modes
  • Gamma Core Spool Valve
  • LED Monitor
  • 9V Battery
  • Spring Return Bolt System
  • Microswitch Trigger
  • SL 3 Regulator

Shooting Efficiency

Planet Etha 2 works on Spring Return Bolt System, which means the bolt comes back to its original position after each fired round. This system assures efficient and smooth shooting performance with neat accuracy.

The gun works on Gamma Core Spool Valve for consistent and smooth performance. Besides, the Breach Sensing Technology with Pneumatically Unique Latch Spool regulates the exact air pressure required to release each shot.

Moreover, Etha  2 features SL 3 Regulator to control different levels of output pressure from the tank. This feature allows you to shoot consistent shots with perfect accuracy regardless of the low or high tank pressure.

With 2-piece barrel, you can use Etha 2 in various firing modes, such as PSP and Semi-Automatic. Besides, it operates on 4000 PSI and capable of shooting 1000 balls per fill. The gun further uses a hose-less system and POPS ASA Assembly system for quick and easy refill of the tank.


Surprisingly, Etha 2 comes with a convenient trigger. It is soft and offers sufficient grip to ensure efficient handling of the marker. You can shoot around 5-7 rounds per second with the trigger. However, you can also upgrade it according to your demands.


LED Screen Monitor

Planet Etha 2 also features a high-quality, and weather-proof LED Screen Monitor fitted on the exterior body. The LED helps you to control and monitor different functionalities of the marker. You can track your shooting modes and fire shoot rates through this LED.


Planet Etha 2 offers a wide range of Upgrade Options. You can upgrade the trigger, barrel, and ASA to experience enhanced performance on the playing field. However, the grips of the Etha 2 are not customizable. Moreover, you can also upgrade its Manual Eye Control, Battery Level Indicator, and LED.


Another feature that puts Etha 2 into the race of High-end electronic markers is its Noise-Free shooting mechanism. The gun works on a shorter kickback system that reduces shooting noise and gives any player the tactical edge. However, it is a bit louder than its counterparts available in the market.


With Etha 2, you don’t need to worry about additional maintenance costs. The gun has a durable design with high-quality inner-specs. However, you have to take a little care to maintain the marker’s efficiency.

You just need to clean and lubricate the inner-specs after two or three games. Besides, it is quite simple to disassemble it for regular maintenance. All you need is to remove the Bolt to lubricate the O-rings and clean the dirt.

The Good
  • Lightweight and Durable Design
  • Weather-Resistant Exterior
  • Long Range Accuracy
  • Spring Bolt Return Mechanism
  • LED Monitor and Tool-Free Forgrip Removal
The Bad
  • Little Bit Louder
Planet Etha 2 is among those few markers that offer user-friendly features without compromising on quality and performance. The gun allows the players to learn and uplift their gameplay without breaking their bank. Without a doubt, Etha 2 inherits high-quality specs but still very easy to use, which is a plus point for beginners.

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