Paintball vs Laser Tag: Which One Is More Fun for You?

Paintball vs Laser Tag: Which One Is More Fun for You?

Typically, two suggestions come to mind when thinking about kids’ birthday parties. First, allow them to play laser tag until they are satisfied. Paintballing is another activity that comes to mind for older children since it allows them to get dirty.

While air soft has been available since the 1970s, youngsters worldwide clamored to play laser tag as it became one of the biggest crazes of the 1980s and 1990s. Both of these games are pretty entertaining to play and appropriate for most ages. But which one is better suited for smaller children? And which one is generally more enjoyable? These are the questions we are going to try to find the answers to today.

Paintball vs. Laser Tag- Advantages and Disadvantages

Paintball vs. Laser Tag- Advantages and Disadvantages

First, let’s start with the advantages and disadvantages of both Paintball and Laser Tag

Paintball Advantages

The significant advantage of paintball is that you can be certain you’ve struck your opponent. Hits may be challenging to feel, depending on the kind of laser tag you’re playing. 

When playing paintball, you can tell whether someone has been hit if they have a large paint stain. Another advantage of paintball over laser tag is that it has a more authentic feel overall. Although playing laser tag is enjoyable, it doesn’t feel real when firing your weapons.

The better choice is unquestionably paintball if you enjoy playing tactical games

To secure you and your teammates’ survival in paintball, you need to work in teams. Paintball is a sport that can be made into a whole day even, but laser tag can get over very quickly.

Paintball Disadvantages

Mainly if you play at a paintball facility, paintball is notoriously pricey. Getting the finest paintball pistol for beginners is one way to get around this, but ammunition is still relatively costly. 

One drawback of paintball might be that while it doesn’t hurt too bad, paintballs can be painful. For older people, it might not really matter, but for smaller kids, the pain of paintballing, especially when shot at point-blank range, might be unpleasant. 

One of the reasons why some people decide against playing paintball is the safety equipment that is required.

Laser tag Advantages

Your perception of how the game is will vary depending on where you play laser tag. There is no denying that playing real laser tag at a reputable laser tag facility is fun. 

While laser tag is all about having fun, paintball and air soft are geared toward people seeking to take things more seriously. Laser tag can be a better choice if you’re looking to avoid highly competitive games. 

The cost of playing laser tag might really be pretty low if you own your own set. For smaller kids, laser tag is typically a much better alternative. When playing laser tag, you can include both younger and older kids, but not when playing paintball.

Laser tag Disadvantages

The most significant advantage of laser tag over other outdoor activities, like paintball, is a true sense of camaraderie. Although laser tag is entertaining, it isn’t incredibly competitive and may not be sufficient for some. 

Even though the quality of laser tag guns has significantly increased, occasionally, a shot will appear to hit but not register. Despite the fact that it can sometimes be aggravating, this is merely an aspect of laser tag. While paintball might be a full-day activity, laser tag can be finished very fast.

Paintball vs. Laser Tag- A Brief comparison

The following points compare the different aspects of the two outdoor sports types.

You’ll need safety clothing, a mask, a paintball gun, and lots of paintballs to play paintball. Hardcore players with overpowering equipment will always be there, even if you play in a venue that allows rentals. 

So, you’ll also need to start making equipment purchases if you ever intend to participate (or even just try to avoid getting annihilated by serious gamers). 

None of these things are necessary if you want to engage in a thrilling game of laser tag. There is no need to purchase pellets or invest in protective equipment. All you need to do is rent a laser gun from the arena.

You can get bruises and welts from playing paintball. It means that if you get smacked in the forehead, it will serve as a constant source of embarrassment. Contrarily, laser tag doesn’t hurt. Being hit by a laser has no unpleasant side effects other than the inconvenience of being eliminated.

Men between the ages of 15 and 30 enjoy playing paintball very much. The previously indicated pain element is the cause. Not everyone appreciates having significant, uncomfortable welts for days. 

Elderly people find it more unpleasant because it takes them longer to heal, and there is a greater risk of suffering a more severe injury. There are age restrictions on who can play paintball. 

Due to this, a wider range of people enjoys playing laser tag, including women, children, and seniors. Although the game is competitive, you don’t have to be concerned about getting hurt as you play.

The goal of both games is to eliminate the opposition. But, compared to laser tag competitors, paintball players frequently exhibit significantly greater aggression. This is primarily due to the large crowd it draws. 

Men between the ages of 15 and 30 (as stated above) are the main fans of paintball, as was already noted. The element of suffering is another explanation. Some athletes truly take pleasure in destroying their opponents and causing harm. 

Laser tag is primarily played for amusement without any means of hurting an opponent. Players can only feel successful when they defeat an opponent because there is no way to dominate someone else.

Final Words

There aren’t many similarities between paintball and laser tag. While younger children or more casual players may prefer laser tag, paintball is a little more intense and violent. Unlike laser tag, which calls for more subtlety, paintball is typically played outdoors in natural settings and demands more physical activity. Nevertheless, they’re both pretty unique games with the same basic gameplay mechanic of shooting each other. It’s a good idea to try both of them if you can choose between the two. They seem like great picks for parties or events because they are both quite enjoyable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The prime difference between paintball and laser tag is the use of spherical dye-filled gelatin capsules used by a paintball. These capsules explode upon impact and hit the rivals.

Laser tag utilizes a completely safe beam that doesn’t hurt. Therefore, you don’t need to wear any safety equipment while playing laser tag.

Wearing dark colors is better than light colors as they don’t flow under black light. If you wear white or light colors, you are calling for more attention to yourself.

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