JT Impulse Review 2023 – Best Electronic Paintball Gun

JT Impulse Review

JT Impulse receives a lot of credit for being commonly used by Pro-players in Paintball Tournaments. It is a fine piece of work that has been tested and designed to perform equally impressive in all kinds of conditions.

JT Impulse is the Redesigned version of the famous Impulse Paintball Gun. However, JT features a whole new design that incorporates smart features and parts. Without a doubt, JT has all the Specs and Features that any Paintball player would desire in an Ideal Paintball Marker.

1. JT Impulse- Best Electronic Paintball Gun


JT Impulse



  • Electronic Marker
  • Hose-less Design
  • 4-Way Adjustable Trigger
  • Extra Long Grips
  • Adjustable LPR
  • Software Upgradable
  • Onboard OLED Screen
  • Fairly Customizable

It is a very well Built Gun and preferably suits the playing style of players of any category. It is durable, accurate, and comfortable to use and carry around. Nevertheless, JT always performs above your expectations on the playing field.

Unbiased Review


JT Impulse exhibits a sturdy yet ergonomic design. The gun is constructed with high-quality materials for long-lasting performance. It is solid enough to absorb sudden shocks and can be used roughly in outdoor playing fields.

The gun features a long and comfortable grip, making it fit in most players’ hands. Moreover, the Grip frame is Slim and Glove-Friendly. The space between Trigger Guard and the Regulator is wide enough to fit your Thumb for extra stability.

JT Impulse is quite convenient to carry around. It weighs one pound and fourteen ounces with complete accessories loaded aboard. It is lightweight and won’t restrict your movements on the playing field.

Inner Specs

  • Air- Cushioned Piston
  • 14-inch Honed Barrel
  • LPR Valve Technology
  • OLED Screen
  • Clamping Feed Neck
  • Wired Break Beam Eyes
  • Adjustable Magnetic Trigger
  • Dovetail Mounted ASA System
  • On/Off ASA
  • Spring Driven Detents

Shooting Efficiency

The JT Impulse is designed to shoot Consistently and Effectively. It features a balanced Regulator that requires less force to operate. The installed OLED allows you to focus and hit your targets. The gun also enables you to release multiple shots quickly by adjusting the sensitivity of the trigger.

The gun works on LPR balanced Valve Technology to ensure a smooth and efficient firing experience. It is capable of shooting twelve pods in one fill at a high pace. Moreover, it is quiet and doesn’t need recoil after each shot.

JT Impulse Review
Infographic: JT Impulse Review

OLED Screen

JT Impulse is a high-quality Electronic Paintball Marker. It features an OLED that helps you to monitor the Firing Rate with different Playing Mode Options. The OLED is Easy to Use and Bright enough to be seen in severe sunlight.

It also allows you to select Preferred Playing Modes with a quick check on other Electronics Specs. The OLED features a water-proof screen and performs well in all kinds of Harsh Conditions. OLED is one of the features that make it a real tournament-grade marker.


JT Impulse features one of the Best Triggers. The gun is equipped with an Adjustable Magnetic Trigger. This feature allows you to adjust the Sensitivity of the Trigger to your desired preferences. The trigger is adjustable in four different ways.

You can set the trigger being too Sensitive or too Hard. The alternation of Trigger empowers you to perform above expectations on the field. Without a doubt, this feature works in favor of all paintball players.


JT Impulse is a reliable marker and requires little maintenance. Usually, you have to clean and re-lubricate it after an eight to nine-hour session. Though, it might be tricky for beginners to clean this marker without following the instructions manual.

For best performance, the movable parts should be clean and lubricate regularly. You have to adjust the trigger in a proper way to avoid unusual damages. Always try to replace rusted parts with new ones to prevent malfunctioning of the gun.


  • Sleek Design and Lightweight
  • Super-Fast and Reliable
  • Comfortable and Easily Maintained
  • Highly Customizable


  • Issues with Default Barrel
  • Highly Expensive


JT Impulse is simply an incredible marker. It is fast, accurate, reliable, and easy to use. The gun is not for beginners and amateurs. JT Impulse could be the best choice for you if you are frequently participating in tournaments or speedball competitions. The gun is capable of performing great in all conditions.


Is JT Impulse an Electronic Paintball Gun?

Yes, JT IMpulse is an electronic paintball marker. This battery-operated gun allows you to empty the whole hopper within 30 seconds. Besides, it is highly accurate and reliable marker.

Can i Upgrade JT Impulse?

JT Impulse is among the Highly Customizable paintball guns. You can upgrade most of its parts including Trigger and Grips. If you want to improve the shooting performance and speed, then it is a best gun to customize.

Can i buy JT Impulse for my Kid?

The answer is No. Impulse is a Tournament Grade Paintball Gun. It is an electronic marker that requires a lot more care and maintenance than ordinary guns. Besides, it is an expensive choice for budget-minded parents.


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