How to attach Night Vision Scope on Crossbow 2023 – Pro Tips Revealed

How to attach Night Vision Scope on Crossbow

Crossbows are among the popular Hunting tools. Modern Crossbows are capable of taking down long-range targets with perfect accuracy. However, this weapon is only effective in the Daytime and, you have to add a Night Vision Scope to use it in Dark conditions.

Night Vision Scope crossbow is necessary so that you can effectively hunt at night. It allows hunters to see all objects. You can aim for your prey quickly and accurately, so no escape from it again. Every hunter must have this equipment for a better hunting experience.

A lot of hunters have been using the night vision scope on their crossbows to get a better view. But how do you do this? What steps do you take to get a good view of the target so you can shoot it? We will give you tips on how to use a night vision scope on a crossbow.

Finding an Ideal Night Scope for Crossbow

Before you start shopping for Night Vision Scope for a Crossbow, do your research to find out the perfect one. There are different types of scopes that you can use on crossbows. Besides Built-in Technology and Features, the size and the weight of the Night Scope also matter.

There are two basic types of Night Scopes – Fixed or Adjustable. Fixed ones are always better than adjustable ones as they work as per their design and size. You can choose the one that suits your needs and is compatible with the crossbow you use.

Adjust the Programming of the Scope

It is a bit tricky to Zeroing in on a Crossbow as compared to the Firearm. Unlike the straight Trajectory of the Firearm, Crossbow features Curved-style Trajectory. However, several methods help to Zero the Night Scope for Crossbow.

Adjust the Programming of the Scope

Before using the Crossbow Night Vision Scope, you must enter the Details of your Crossbow (bolt-weight) into the Setting of the Scope. By using the Programmable Memory of the Scope, you have to do this once.

Set the Magnification to Low

A wide range of night vision scopes designed for rifles is way too powerful in magnification since they are intended to see long distances. When using a crossbow, you don’t need any more than 3x magnification. Anything greater is essentially useless when taking shots at small targets like deer or rabbits.

Go for the Built-in IR Illuminator

IR Illuminator is a crucial feature of an ideal Night Scope for Crossbow. The Illuminator helps in adding up the light into the view you are looking at via Scope. Although most scopes come equipped with their IR illuminator, you can improve your night vision by purchasing a separate one. It is important to note that they are not the same thing.

Use Suitable Rails and Mounts

Most people plan to use a night vision scope on a crossbow. However,  the main problem that they face is that most of the crossbows come with a rail. This can be a problem because it makes it hard for people to attach a scope to a crossbow. So if you are looking for a scope for a crossbow, you must go for Lightweight and Easily Adjustable Rails.


How to use Night Vision Scope on Crossbow?

It’s easy to use the night vision scope on the crossbow. First of all, take off the protective cover of the night vision scope, then put it on the crossbow frame. Now, adjust the position of the scope till it meets the crossbow frame, then tighten the screws on both sides of the scope. Then, turn the power on the scope till the markings appear and turn on the infrared light on the scope, you should be able to see the picture on the scope. Finally, adjust the brightness to your convenience.

What is the Best Crossbow Scope For Night Hunting?

You have to consider several factors before buying the Best Crossbow for Night hunting. First of all, you must be clear about your purpose of buying. Besides, the Weight and the Shooting Range of a Crossbow are other considerable factors. In our Opinion, ATN X-Sight-4K Pro and Night Owl Optics Nightshot Digital Night Vision Riflescope are the best devices for professional hunters. They are reliable and offer a decent shooting range with perfect accuracy.

How to Sight in a Crossbow?

Sighting in your crossbow can be simple or difficult, depending on how much you know about the process. However, the process of Sighting didn’t require any kind of special tools. First,  find a  place that makes for a  steady platform. Make sure that you are able to hold your crossbow without any help. It’s best to go out to the woods or field if at all possible. Now,  you are going to need to establish your sight picture.  First,  set your arrow rest and string at the parallel position. You can use the nut attached to the end of the stock on most crossbows. Another important thing is to make sure that you can see both of your crossbow’s limbs (shooting limbs) as it is the only way you can adjust the diopter properly.

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