How to Store Paintballs? The Right Ways for Paintball Ball Storage

How to Store Paintballs- The Right Ways for Paintball Ball Storage

You must understand how to properly preserve your paintballs if you want them to function effectively between games. By keeping your paintballs in good condition, you can use them between matches while still getting a top-notch performance.

You should store paintballs according to the manufacturer’s instructions, which are usually provided by the brand. Paintballs should be stored in a dry, cold environment and rotated occasionally.

Sadly, paintballs are perishable items, and they require money to be bought. Since no one wants to waste money (unless you are Pablo Escobar), knowing how to store your paintballs is very important.

How to Store Paintballs 2023?

How to Store Paintballs 2023?

The manufacturer’s lifespan of paintballs varies significantly depending on the caliber and cost of the paintballs you buy. No matter how long your paintballs survive, they all include biodegradable materials that decompose over time.

Therefore, you can’t just leave your paintballs outside and hope they’ll continue to function as if they were brand new. If you keep paintballs out for too long, they may alter and eventually stop functioning. The following tips can help you properly store your paintballs, so they don’t get ruined over time.

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Always Store Them In A Dry, Cool Place

Always Store Them In A Dry, Cool Place

Don’t panic if the paintballs you bought didn’t come with maintenance instructions. Most participants in paintball games store their paintballs using a few simple techniques. One of the best pieces of advice is to store the paintballs somewhere cool and dry. Additionally, you’ll need to rotate them occasionally.

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Paintballs should be stored at a temperature of between 50 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Make sure the environment is dry; moisture will cause the paintballs to swell and malfunction.

Here Are A Few Other Guidelines

Here Are A Few Other Guidelines
  • When storing paintballs, some paintballers like to use zip-lock bags. It keeps the paintballs dry and out of the air, which is a great concept.
  • If you use zip-lock bags, keep in mind that you’ll still need to rotate and store your paintballs in a cool environment.
  • To avoid leaving the paintballs in the same location for too long, flip the paintballs every few weeks.
  • Allowing the paintballs to sit can distort them, which will complicate your paintball games.
  • Never keep paintballs in an open cabinet or the trunk of your car. Remember, if you don’t want to squander them, you must store them somewhere cold and dry.
  • Don’t expose your paintballs to direct sunlight. Sunlight is bad for your paintballs since the UV rays may cause the components to degrade.

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Manufacturer’s Advice

Manufacturer’s Advice

If fortunately, your paintballs do come with a care manual, then it is best to follow the instructions provided in it to safely store your paintballs. Unfortunately, sometimes the manual doesn’t cover how to store your paintballs safely. If this is the case, then there is no need to panic.

The points above this paragraph highlight what to do if you don’t have a care manual. Now, if you’re the kind of person who disregards the instructions manual and throws it away, then you should avoid doing so in this case.

Paintball Maintenance

Paintball Maintenance

We’ve got a few recommendations for you to help you properly manage your paintballs so they’ll always be in working order when you’re in a match.

Never expose your paintballs to direct sunlight. If you do, they will become abrasive and brittle, making it impossible for you to use them efficiently. Do everything in your power to maintain your paint clean. Take every precaution to keep your paintballs dry. Your paintballs will swell and end up being deformed if you get them wet.

If that occurs, you won’t be able to fire them accurately, and they may also damage your marker. Don’t use those paintballs if you see that your paint is becoming soiled. Our advice is to either dispose of them or store them so you may clean them later on a rainy day. Finally, Make sure to maintain your paint as clean as you can and to store it in a spotless container. Prior to using your paintballs, make sure the canister is kept in a cold, dry location.

Paintball Storage Safety Tips

Paintball Storage Safety Tips
  • Although paintballs are very safe to use, if they aren’t used properly, they might cause issues. Paintballs need to be used and stored properly in order for you to be safe. We have provided some paintball safety advice below.
  • Never consume paintballs. You must make wise decisions.
  • Paintballs should never be frozen. Keep in mind that it is risky and renders them useless.
  • Keep children and pets away from your paintballs. Make sure your paintballs are kept in a location that is out of reach for kids and dogs.
  • Children are at risk of choking on paintballs. If pets consume paintballs, they may develop a severe salt and electrolyte imbalance and become very ill.

Materials Are Used To Make a Paintball

Materials Are Used To Make a Paintball

Paintballs made by various manufacturers contain a variety of different chemicals. However, there are a few components that are present in all paintballs. Paintballs are usually made of ingredients that are food-grade, non-toxic, and biodegradable. The following is an explanation of what food-grade, non-toxic and biodegradable ingredients mean (if what we just said went over your head).

  • Paintballs are produced using only food-grade materials. So, even if a paintball fragment ends up in your mouth, it won’t hurt you. But you must never (under any circumstances) consume a paintball.
  • Paintballs are safe for use. If paintballs were toxic, no one would use them, and we wouldn’t risk our health to have fun; thus, that is a crucial component of paintballs.
  • Additionally, biodegradable are paintballs. This means that once you’ve finished playing with them, you don’t have to bother about cleaning them up.
  • Paintballs are designed to degrade and have no negative environmental effects.

How Long Do Paintballs Last?

If you don’t properly care for your paintballs, you’ll probably run into issues when you try to fire them. There will probably be a few damaged, deformed, and devoted balls. You can still play with paintballs despite these issues, but your paint won’t last as long. Because of that, the game is a little less fun.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question of how long paintballs can be stored. The answer to this question depends on the manufacturer, the batch, and the materials used to make the paintballs.

But many merchants assert that they are valid for three months. Some players believe that they could last up to a year with appropriate storage.

Some paintballs become extremely tough over time and don’t break at all when fired. Other kinds become fragile. Others, primarily as a result of humidity, soften and swell, making them challenging to ignite. The manufacturer and the amount you paid for the paintballs will determine how long you can store them.

The lifespan of your paintballs will increase with the amount you spend on them. Cheaper paints frequently become unusable. Comparing more expensive paint to more affordable paint, premium paint performs better while shooting.

Final Words

Paintball is a very fun sport, and storing its equipment isn’t hard if done properly can prolong the equipment’s life and allow you to use them for years. If you have the care manual, then that is your best source of instructions. If not, then we have laid down some tips that will surely help you to store your paintballs safely. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

It is not recommended to store your paintball gun with paintballs inside, as this can cause the paintballs to become misshapen or damaged. Additionally, if the gun is not properly maintained, it could cause the paintballs to break inside the gun, which can damage the internal components and affect the gun’s performance.

Paintballs can be stored for several months to a year, depending on the conditions in which they are stored. If properly stored in a cool, dry place, paintballs can retain their quality and performance for several months. However, if the paintballs become too old or are stored in unfavorable conditions, they may become brittle or discolored and should be discarded.

To tell if paintballs are bad, you can inspect them for signs of damage or deformation, such as dimples, cracks, or warping. You can also perform a drop test by dropping the paintballs from a height of about 6 feet onto a hard surface. Good paintballs should bounce and break with a visible paint mark, while bad paintballs will bounce without breaking or break with a weak or thin paint mark.

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