Is Paintball Expensive – A Complete Paintball Cost Breakdown

Paintball is one of the most emerging sports worldwide. You can do it as your fun-time activity or do it regularly as your Hobby. However, Paintball can be an expensive sport because it requires specific gear and a specific location to play on.

The actual paintball cost depends on how much you are willing to invest in it. Besides, you can also use rental equipment if you do not have your paintball gear to use. The charges of rental gears vary according to the field and quality of gears.

Usually, the paintball cost is divided into two categories – the initial cost and the recurring cost. The initial cost refers to the total price of the equipment needed for paintballing while the recurring cost is the money you need to pay every time you play.

How much do Paintball Cost

The costs of paintball are not fixed. It greatly depends on what field you are visiting and what the field offers. The overall paintball cost includes entry fees and equipment charges. You have to pay anywhere from 30-60 dollars for one-time play with rental equipment.

Apart from rental equipment charges, the entry fees for using a paintball field can range from 15-30 dollars for a single round of paintball. However, you might have to pay more if you intend to play in the professional field.

The Initial Cost

You should buy your paintball equipment if you are planning to play paintball regularly. It is a better option to avoid renting chargers. The basic paintball kit includes a Paintball Marker, Paintball Masks, and other protective equipment.

You could have to spend anywhere from 200-400 dollars to buy a Basic Paintball Kit. Try to invest in a durable and cheap paintball gun if you are a new player. However, you still have to pay field charges with your paintball kit.

The Recurring Cost

Unlike other sports, you will need to pay every time you plan to play paintball. With your basic paintball kit, you still have to bear the cost of both the paintballs and the air for each game. An average paintball pack costs around 30-60 dollars.

The actual cost of paintballs depends on your playing style. Players with attack style of play always consume more amount of ammo than normal players. So, you must control your trigger to save a little amount of money.

List of Rental Equipment

If you are a new or occasional paintballer, you might like to rent gears. However, the rental charges depend on what equipment is available in the field. Usually, a basic paintball items list includes the following equipment.

  • A Paintball Marker
  • Paintball Masks
  • An Air Tank
  • Hopper
  • Pack of Paintballs

Basic Pump Pack

Basic Pump Pack is preferred for new or casual players because it includes inexpensive paintball equipment. You can buy this pack from a local retailer. It has a paintball gun with a mask, a hopper, and a 12-gram CO2 canister. This pack usually costs anywhere from 30 to 50 dollars.

Cost of High-End Equipment Pack

The high-end equipment pack is generally preferred for advanced players. It costs around 70 to 100 dollars. This pack includes a mechanical or semi-automatic gun with all other essential gears. However, you have to pay for the CO2 and Paintball separately.

Cost of Air

CO2 and Compressed Air run your paintball markers. You have to pay around 3-6 dollars to refill a paintball tank. However, the actual price depends on your tank’s size.  You should pick a larger tank as it saves your money and increases your playing time.

Cost of Paint

Paint is an inexpensive item in paintballing. However, you have to pay a little charges to enjoy your gaming session. Usually, a pack containing 2000 rounds of paint is available anywhere around 30 dollar. However, you can also buy a small pack of 500 rounds.

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