Can You Remove Paintball Stains? Step-By-Step Guide

Can You Remove Paintball Stains? Step-By-Step Guide

When hearing the words’ Paintball paint’, a bucket of toxic paint usually comes into our mind. It is a common misconception that the aforementioned toxic paint is what a paintball is filled up with. In reality, the paintballs are constructed of ingredients that are frequently found in food, including color, the laxative polyethylene glycol, and other non-toxic, water-soluble ingredients. They are, therefore, considerably simpler to remove than traditional paint.

Can you remove paintball stains? Complete Guide 2023

Removing paintball stains is an effortless task, as paintball stains aren’t permanent. Here are some easy ways to remove paintball stains from different materials.

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Removing Paintball Stains From Paintball Clothes And Gear

As stated above, removing paint from clothes and hair/skin is simple enough. Stains ought to be simple to remove if you use polyethylene glycol paint.

First, soak the soiled clothing for around two hours in plain water. The paint in the water will completely disintegrate as a result. Once finished, wash the clothing in clean water to remove all of the paint.

And presto! You are now prepared to wash your garments using detergents as you usually do.

However, you might want to be extra careful when it comes to your jackets and pants. Pre-soaking your jersey and pants in something equivalent to ‘OxiClean’ for at least an hour in cold water is strongly advised because the paint often peels off after this time.

Throwing everything into a washing machine set to cold water and delicate wash is the next step to getting them thoroughly clean. Before use, ensure all zippers are closed, all buttons are fastened, and all Velcro is securely fastened.  

Most pants and jerseys are composed of nylon, which doesn’t tolerate heat well. Therefore you should always air dry them to avoid damaging the printed lettering and other components. 

If you want your clothes to last as long as possible, hang them outside to air dry. In addition, conventional detergent can be used instead of products similar to OxiClean. However, I have noticed that regular detergent frequently leaves behind a residue that makes the pants and jersey quite itchy.

Removing Paintball Stains From Houses And Cars

Removing Paintball Stains From Houses And Cars

Now keep in mind that being simpler to remove than the traditional paint in no sense means that getting rid of this paint is easy for your house and/or cars.

How to remove paintball paint from Car?

It’s better to remove the paintball paint as soon as possible, just like you would with any other potential stain. Use the following instructions to clean paintball paint off your car.

  • Wash your car as usual with a moderate car washing detergent, water, and sponge.
  • Use a cloth to dry the painted surface.
  • Rub the paintball stain with a few drops of a bug and tar-removing agent applied to a cloth or paper towel.
  • Use the remover on the paint mark repeatedly until it disappears.
  • Rinse the area to get rid of any leftover paint.
  • If, on the off chance, the paintball strikes your car window, you’ll need a few different items. Here is how to remove the paint.
  • Moisten the painted area using a solution of warm water, dish soap, and a sponge.
  • Scrap the paint off the window slowly while holding a razor blade at an angle. To avoid scratching your window, holding the object at an angle is crucial.
  • Before tackling a new paint spot, rinse the razor of the paint that was scraped off.

Don’t forget to clean the window with a glass cleaner before drying with a dry cloth.

How to remove paintball paint from House?

If a paintball strikes your house, a couple of steps can help you return it to its original state.

  • Use soap and water to clean the painted area. Dish soap in liquid form works nicely, and I almost always go with the original Dawn. For a few dollars, you may get some at your nearest supermarket or retailer. 
  • Spray the paint as much as possible to break it up with your garden hose on high. 
  • Get some cotton balls, drench them in hydrogen peroxide, and then rub the paintball stain with them.
  • Reapplying the garden hose to the area will remove any residual paint.

If you cannot remove the paint from the siding, try using a scrub brush. You can always purchase an acid wash at your nearest hardware store if you cannot remove it from the brick. Just be sure to adhere to the instructions.

Useful Tips to Remove Paintball Stains

Useful Tips to Remove Paintball Stains

Make it a routine to wash the garments as soon as you are finished playing to ensure stain removal. In addition, if you treat your play clothing beforehand, you can wash them with your regular clothes. Cleaning stains is how a pre-treater washing detergent functions. Simply spray your clothing, and the paint will disappear when you arrive home.

Long-term paintballing will undoubtedly leave little stains on the fabric. Avoid damaging your beloved apparel by setting aside some outfits for the game. You should also be aware that, besides the paint, other variables may lead to fabric damage, such as jumping, diving, and exploring through shrubs and along the terrain.

And lastly, darker clothing is simpler to clean than lighter clothing. Moreover, stains on brighter-colored fabrics appear strange since stains, if any, can be easily hidden by darker hues.

  • Paintball equipment

Your elbow pads, knee pads, and other equipment should be placed in a sizable mesh bag after you arrive home so that they can dry entirely in the dryer. When you come home, hang the clothes up to dry if you don’t want to use the dryer to avoid odor or stains.

You can normally wash your mask with water, dry it with a microfiber towel, and let it air dry because the foam will take some time to dry completely. For the lens, it is strongly recommended that you replace the complete component. This is because the lens is more prone to get scratched and smudged. If left untreated can hinder your vision and become the reason for your elimination.

Final Words

Overall, paintball stains are removable from all surfaces. Wherever a paintball ball strikes, all you need are the tools and the steps mentioned. However, the process of removing paintball stains depends on the material. For instance, removing paintball stains from fabric can be effortlessly compared to walls. Therefore, it is essential to consider stained material before starting the cleaning process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Paintball stains are not permanent as they are non-toxic, non-staining, and biodegradable. You can remove the paint residue with regular laundry.

Depending on the intensity of the impact, paintball scars or welts may last for just a few days to several weeks. 

You can easily remove the paintball paint out of car seats with warm water, mild car washing detergent, and a clean cloth or sponge. 

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