How to Keep a Gun Safe at Home – Pro-Tips Revealed 2023

How to Keep a Gun Safe at Home

It is important to consider the Safety of Guns while sleeping. You should know where to keep your Gun when you are sleeping so that it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands, especially if you have children in your household.

There’s a lot more to think about than many people realize. I am NOT trying to start an argument here (I know I will get many comments saying, “if you don’t trust your gun with a child in the home, you shouldn’t have it.”

I am trying to help parents and people who live in homes where they might not be the only ones sleeping with the gun. So let’s discuss some of the options for safe storage of Firearms at home while you sleep.

Best Places to Keep Gun While Sleeping 2023

It is important to keep your Gun in a Safe and Reachable Position before you fell asleep. You can place it under the pillow or in a Closet attached to your bed. In addition, you can use a Durable Gun Safe or a Hidden Closet to do so.

Under the Bed

The gun hidden under your pillow is the best weapon in case of an emergency because it’s easily accessible. The gunman cannot take your gun away while he is aiming at you under the bed. You can pull out the gun quickly and fire one shot to his throat or two shots to his chest without getting up from


The bedside gun is the single best tool you can have to protect yourself and your family. This is where you keep your weapon ready to use at all times. Importantly, you don’t have to deal with that stupid safety, which always gets in the way when you need your gun.

Best Places to Keep Gun While Sleeping

Hidden cabinets

A hidden gun cabinet is probably the best place where you can keep your guns to avoid any kind of unwanted situation and also to avert cases of theft and housebreaking which is also a common thing nowadays because of the high crime rate in most cities. Keep your guns locked up so that no one can ever get a hold of it and use it for any kind of wrong reasons.

Below the Mattress or Box Spring of your Bed

Another secure place to keep your Firearms is between your box spring and mattress. It is not recommended to have any weapon under you when sleeping, but if you must, this places it in between layers of solid objects that will stop most intruders from taking it without waking you up or getting caught in the act.

Best Places to Keep Gun in your Home

When you decide to get a gun, the first thing that will come into your mind is where to keep it safe. Some people might think of keeping the firearms in open areas like under their beds or top of the Closet of their room.

Unfortunately, this idea can be very dangerous especially, if they have children around. A child might find the gun while playing and start shooting and in the process cause harm to himself and other people in the house.

You must find a good place that you can keep your gun without endangering lives like your children, visitors or even yourself when you reach for it in panic situations such as when an intruder is around. Here are some of the best places where you can keep your guns.

Gun safe

This is the best place where you can keep your gun especially if there are kids in the house. There are different kinds of gun safes which are made up of different materials ranging from steel to plastic ones.

They also come in different sizes, according to the number of guns you need to keep in your safe. The best thing about these safes is that they can be attached under a bed or inside a closet where you can be sure of your children safety.

Gun Alarm

If you live in a neighborhood where there are other houses around, people might break into your house thinking that no one is home since most times the owners are at work all day long.

Best Places to Keep Gun in your Home

To prevent this from happening, install gun alarm systems which will trigger if an intruder breaks into your house and this will alert all the people in the neighborhood of whatever that is going on. It also helps prevent these bad elements from finding the guns that you have in your house when they want to steal them.

Inside a hollowed-out book

Books make for perfect hiding places within your home, and you can even hollow out a series of books to create a long-term storage place for your weapons. However, it is not a good place to hide Long-Rifles or Handguns.

In plastic water or soda bottle

You can hollow out the bottom of these bottles and create a perfect hiding place for your weapon, though you’ll have to ensure that the cap is secure to prevent it from popping open in the middle of the night.

In bed with you

This is not recommended for obvious reasons, but if you need your weapon within arm’s reach or on your pillow to keep you safe, this might be the best place to store it until you’re using it.

In an empty cereal box inside of a kitchen cabinet

Keep out of plain sight by storing your firearm in between two cereal boxes…and be sure to get the one for your favorite brand. However, it is not a good option if you want to react quickly in case of an emergency.


Is it Safe to Keep Guns at Homes?

Studies suggest that having a gun in the home increases an individual’s risk of death – whether by homicide, suicide, or unintentional shooting – by about 70 percent. The researchers also found that this risk was not reduced by storing the firearm safely in a locked box or cabinet, unloaded.

What Are the Best Ways to Safely Store Your Gun At Home?

The best option is to keep it in a Gun Safe. It’s the most secure storage solution, and also the least convenient. An average gun safe weighs about 300 pounds when empty, which is fine if you built your house with one next to your bedroom.

What are the Best Ways to Store Guns to prevent Rust?

Rusting is an age-old enemy of firearms. There are many steps you can take to prevent rust. Use Lubricants to clean your Weapons and place them in a Moisture-Free place.

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