Best Paintball Tank Covers & Tank Grips 2022 – [Honest Reviews & Buyer’s Guide]

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There’s nothing like the thrill of being competitive on the paintball field, and these tanks are specifically designed to help you achieve this. A paintball tank cover is a must for any paintball enthusiast because protecting the paintball tank from scratches and dents is a top priority. Paintball is a game of speed and agility, and if you don’t get your equipment right, your game will suffer.

Top Pick of Best Paintball Gun for Kids 2023

Tippmann Cronus

  • .68 Caliber
  • Cyclone Feed System
  • Mechanical Trigger
  • Semi -Automatic
  • 9 Inch Stock Barrel
  • Hit up-to 250 Feet
  • Molded Rubber Grips

Paintball tank covers help you get your equipment right. They allow you to get the paintball tank on and off quickly. Besides, they also help you get the best grip on the tank so: you don’t get it to slip out of your hands.

Paintball tanks come in all shapes and, sizes, and the covers that we use to protect them come in all shapes and sizes as well. So how do you know what is the Best Paintball Tank Cover & Tank Grips on the market? This article will look at the different styles on offer and help you figure out which might be best for you.

List of Best Paintball Guns for Kids 2023





Tippmann Cronus
  • Weight: 3.7 Pounds
  • Preferable for: Kids 13 and above
  • Review Rating: 4.9/5.0
Spyder Victor Paintball Marker
  • Weight: 4.2 pounds
  • Preferable for:  Beginners/ Intermediate / Pros
  • Review Rating: 4.8/5.0
Tippmann A 5
  • Weight: 3.0 Pounds
  • Preferable for: Kids 10 and above
  • Review Rating: 4.6/5.0
JT Splatmaster z100 Paintball Pistol
  • Weight: 1. 45 Pounds
  • Preferable for: Kids 7 and above
  • Review Rating: 4.5/5.0
Tippmann 98 Custom
  • Weight: 2.9 Pounds
  • Preferable for: Kids 12 and above
  • Review Rating: 4.4/5.0
JT SplatMaster Z200 Shotgun
  • Weight: 7 lbs
  • Preferable for: Intermediate / Pros
  • Review Rating: 4.3/5.0
Tippmann Gryphon Paintball Marker
  • Weight: 3.45 Pounds
  • Preferable for: Newbie’s / Intermediate / Pros
  • Review Rating: 4.1/5.0

List of Best Paintball Tank Covers

Exalt Paintball Tank CoversExalt Paintball Tank Covers


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Valken Tank CoverValken Tank Cover


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Exalt 48ci Aluminum Paintball Tank Covers


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Guerrilla Air Paintball Tank CoverGuerrilla Air Paintball Tank Cover


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Empire FT Bottle GlovesEmpire FT Bottle Gloves


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Exalt Paintball Tank GripExalt Paintball Tank Grip


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Exalt Tank Grip HPA Buttplate- LIMExalt Tank Grip HPA Buttplate- LIM


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1. Exalt Paintball Tank Covers

Exalt Paintball Tank Covers

If you are looking for a Paintball Tank that offers Grip, Protection, and Maximum Tank Coverage all at once, then Exalt Paintball Tank Cover is the best option. These tank covers are designed to fit all standard paintball tanks and are great for all types of paintball games and fields.

Exalt Paintball Tank Covers are a must-have for any paintball player. Made with reinforced stitching for durability, Exalt Tank Covers will protect your paintball tank from dents and scratches. In addition, these covers are the best option for players who need maximum grip over the tank.

The Covers are made from high-quality rubber materials that will prevent anything from damaging your tank. Besides, this tank cover also helps to keep the tank in your hands a lot better, especially if you are running with a larger tank in your hands.

Exalt tank covers come in a wide range of styles and colors and are made from different materials to suit your style and needs. Moreover, these covers are available in Small and Medium sizes. The small size fits 45, 48, and 50 cubic inch tanks, whereas the medium size fits 68, 70, and 72 Cubic Inch Tanks.


  • High-quality material, super durable.
  • Easy to install and remove.
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Waterproof design


  • Highly Durable Paintball Tank Cover
  • Offers great Grip
  • Ensures Maximum Protection of your Tank
  • Lockable
  • Cost effective


  • Bit difficult to wrap around the Tank
  • Not designed for air tanks
  • May not fit all paintball tanks properly

Exalt tank covers are designed to help keep your paintball tank in top performance condition. They are made to protect your field paintball tank, increase your stealth factor, and keep your tank cool in-game. Without a doubt, it is a convenient tool for a paintball player.

2. Valken Tank Cover

Valken Tank Cover

Valken tank covers are among the best paintball tank covers available on the market because they are lightweight, comfortable, and easily customizable. Besides, these covers are ideal for ensuring that the paintball tanks don’t get damaged during a game.

This Tank Cover is made of waterproof neoprene to help keep your paintball tank cool and collect excess moisture. It features Velcro straps to ensure a snug fit to your tank and, it has a reinforced front to protect the fill nipple.

Apart from a quality built and design, Valken Covers offers Maximum Protection on the field. The soft and flexible surface of the cover easily covers the entire paintball tank. Moreover, Valken Paintball Covers come in three different sizes: 45 ci, 68 ci, and 90 ci.

The covers are available in different colors and patterns, with some designs having the company name imprinted on them. Currently, the tank cover comes in black, blue, or red colors to match your tank or your gear.


  • 100% Waterproof & Breathable
  • Protects your tank from dirt, debris and mud
  • Simple Installation
  • Fits all Valken tanks and many other brands of tanks
  • Vinyl Material is Durable & Long Lasting


  • Comes in 3-different Sizes
  • Snug Fit
  • Built with military-grade materials
  • Very lightweight
  • No sharp edges


  • Not an ideal tank grip for Shoulder
  • Not budget friendly

The Valken paintball tank cover is a great product for both beginners and experienced players. It is a very durable product that is great for protecting your paintball tank from any paintball and the environment. It is the best option for anyone who is looking to buy a cheap and reliable tank cover.

3. Exalt 48ci Aluminum Paintball Tank Covers

Exalt 48ci Aluminum Paintball Tank Covers

If you are looking for a top-quality Aluminum Paintball cover, then Exalt 48ci Aluminum Tank Cover is the best option. The tank features durable Aluminum Construction with a rubber grip on the bottom that keeps the cover from sliding off.

The Exalt 48ci Aluminum Tank Cover has an ergonomic and low-profile design that provides maximum protection. The usage of high-quality Aluminum materials ensures durability and lightness of the tank at the same time.

Another dominating feature of Exalt 48ci is Solid Grip. The cover is equipped with a padded shoulder strap to ensure maximum grip and control over the tank. Besides, this tank cover is available in a variety of colors.

Exalt 48ci Aluminum Paintball Tank

Furthermore, the Exalt 48ci Aluminum Tank Cover is easy to clean and allows you to easily fill your tank without removing it from your Paintball Gun. This feature makes it the best option for Beginner or Casual Paintball players.


  • Portable and convenient
  • High-quality aluminum material with a lightweight design
  • Aluminum construction provides durability and strength
  • The covers fit perfectly on your paintball tank


  • Made with Aluminum Materials
  • Ensures Maximum Protection of Tank
  • Low Profile and Lightweight Design
  • Durable and sturdy


  • Not for round bottom carbon fiber tanks
  • Control issues
  • May be too big for some tanks

The Exalt 48ci aluminum tank cover is a great choice for players who want to protect their paintball tank from scratches, dents, and other damage. Moreover, it is lightweight, easy to use, and fits all flat-bottom-styled Aluminum Tanks.

4. Guerrilla Air Paintball Tank Cover

Guerrilla Air Paintball Tank Cover

Guerrilla Air Tank Cover is a must-have for the paintball players looking for a slightly different look for their tank. It is made of heavy-duty Neoprene to protect your tank from scratches and dings. Besides, it has an elastic band for a secure fit.

The Guerrilla Air Air Tank Cover is made of a durable Neoprene material that is lightweight and strong. The cover also features Zipper and Velcro Closures to enhance the protection and safety of your paintball tank. It is compatible with both: Aluminum and Carbon Fiber Tank Styles.

This tank cover is designed to ensure maximum protection of the tank. It comes with Shock-Absorbent Padding to avoid damages occurring due to accidental falls and drops. Moreover, the cover is easy to put on and take off, and it fits most paintball tanks and Hoppers.

Furthermore, you can customize your tank cover with your favorite camo patterns or use it to color coordinate with your team’s colors. Unlike other Paintball Covers, the Guerrilla is available in limited Styles and Designs.


  • Made to fit all Rebel Air tanks
  • Strong Velcro closure – tightens easily with one hand so no need for tools!
  • Easy to install – just place over the tank and fasten the strap around the frame
  • Comfortable fit with no straps or buckles


  • Durable Construction
  • Equipped with Zipper and Velcro Closures
  • Lightweight and Customizable
  • Anti-leak design
  • Perfect for outdoor use


  • Available in Limited Designs
  • Bit difficult to install

The Guerrilla Air Paintball Tank Cover is one of the best tank covers on the market, and for many good reasons. It is the best Paintball Tank Cover for under 50$. Besides, the durable construction ensures Maximum Protection of your Tank through the entire course of the game.

5. Empire FT Bottle Gloves

Empire FT Bottle Gloves

Empire has always been a leader in paintball and, their commitment to creating high-quality products can be seen in their new Empire FT Bottle Glove. The latest Empire FT Bottle Glove is designed to provide Maximum Protection to your Tank in all kinds of conditions.

The Empire FT Bottle Glove features a Classical yet Ergonomical Design. It has a durable Silicone Construction supported with a zipper and velcro tab for enhanced protection. The overall design and construction make Empire FT a perfect option for any type of paintball, be it speedball, woodsball, or even scenario ball.

The glove has an elastic band that keeps it snug against your hand. Moreover, it has some silicone on its back to provide extra Grip to your Shoulder. Besides, it is super-easy to take on and off this paintball tank cover.

The Empire FT Bottle Glove is made to fit all sizes of paintball tanks. Besides, the cover is available in a variety of colors and designs. You can buy it in blue hex, black hex, green hex, tan hex, and red hex shades.


  • Premium soft cotton leather, breathable, comfortable and durable.
  • Lightweight, flexible, durable and stretchable.
  • Easy on/off design with Velcro wrist closure.
  • Removable foam padding in palm to increase comfort and mobility during heavy lifting.


  • High-Quality Construction
  • Lightweight and Durable
  • Fits perfectly
  • Waterproof


  • Offers Average Shoulder Grip
  • Hard to get on and offNo installation

The Empire FT Bottle Glove is the ultimate upgrade for your tank and marker. It’s a hard shell glove that fits most paintball tanks and reduces the overall weight while offering a comfortable grip. It is a great option for tournament and recreational play.

6. Exalt Paintball Tank Grip

Exalt Paintball Tank Grip

Exalt Paintball has been outfitting players with the best paintball gear for over 20 years. Apart from other paintball equipment, the company is famous for its paintball tanks and grips and, Exalt Paintball Tank Grip is one of their streamlined products.

The Exalt Grip is for the protection of the Butt of your Paintball Tank. It is made of high-quality plastic and rubber materials to ensure durability and flexibility at the same time. Moreover, it has some ridges and texture on the back to provide extra stability to your shoulder.

Furthermore, the grip has a Smooth Finishing from the Inside to provide an extra grip layer to your tank. This feature reduces the risks of accidental slips and falls off your paintball tank. Besides, it is the most comfortable paintball tank grip that does not leave your hand feeling sore after playing or practicing with your tank on your back.

Despite having extra protection padding, Exalt Grip is extremely lightweight and won’t add additional weight to your tank. The grip is available in different sizes and colors and, you can choose one as per your requirements.


  • Custom fit for most paintball tanks
  • Reinforced edges for a secure grip
  • Tactical tape for increased traction and control
  • This can be used for both pistols and rifles


  • Offers Maximum Grip to your Shoulder
  • Available in different Sizes
  • Highly Durable Grip
  • High-quality materials


  • Takes little more efforts to get it off and on
  • Hard to aim accurately
  • Too heavy to use

Exalt Paintball Tank Grips are the newest and most comfortable grip for paintball tanks available on the market. They are extremely durable and built to last. The best part is that it’s very affordable and will give you many, many games of use before you need to worry about replacing it.

7. Exalt Tank Grip HPA Buttplate- LIM

Exalt Tank Grip

The Exalt Tank Grip HPA Buttplate is the ultimate upgrade for any tank. It is highly durable and can withstand the shock of the most powerful tank in the game. The grip features a raised grip area that is perfect for gripping when your hands are sweaty or wearing gloves.

This tank grip is very durable due to the usage of high-quality rubber materials in its construction. Besides, the ergonomic design makes it easy to attach and detach from the paintball tank. All you need is to apply the roll-on method to use it.

Exalt Tank Grip HPA Buttplate- LIM

Furthermore, the compact design of the grip doesn’t add a lot of bulk to your marker or your gear. The tank grip works with a variety of tanks in a variety of sizes. You can pick one according to your Tank Style and Dimensions.

This paintball tank grip features a textured surface that keeps your tank steady and eliminates all the chances of accidental falls and slips. This feature gives you a clear tactical advantage over your enemies on the playing field.


  • Longer lasting battery life.
  • Better accuracy and consistency.
  • Limiting the amount of liquid in the tank to avoid vapor lock.
  • One piece construction for durability, strength, and flexibility.


  • Offers Good Grip to your Tank
  • Easy to Put on/off
  • Made with Durable Plastic
  • LIM is a great attraction


  • Available in limited Designs
  • High weight
  • Knob is not very sturdy

The Exalt Tank Grip HPA Buttplate is a good choice for any player because it is durable, lightweight, and comes at an affordable price. Moreover, it is very easy to install it, and you do not require any special tools or screws. It is an upgrade that will help you get a better hold on your tank and help you better control your marker.

Buying Guide: Things to Consider Before Make a Decision for Best Paintball Tank Covers and Grips

Paintball tank covers are a crucial part of your paintball gear and, they serve several different purposes. They keep your tank and regulator protected, provide grip and also keep your paintball gun cool. Besides, a good tank cover will be easy to secure and will most often come with adjustable straps.

Choosing the best paintball tank cover can be difficult. There are so many options out on the market that it can be hard to decide which one is best for you. However, there are several features you must consider in an Ideal Tank Grip before making your final call.

Best Paintball Tank Covers
Infographic: Best Paintball Tank Covers


A paintball tank cover is one of the most vital pieces of paintball gear that a paintball player should have. Importantly, they are among the Least-Expensive paintball equipment. An average tank cover costs around $10 to $20.


One of the most important factors to consider when purchasing your paintball tank cover is the material it is made of. A variety of paintball tank covers are made of neoprene, which is a synthetic rubber material. Although this material is great for keeping your tank cool, it is not ideal for keeping it protected.

If you are looking for a more durable paintball tank cover, you may want to consider getting one made of nylon or leather. Although these materials are more expensive, they will provide the extra protection you need for your equipment.


A paintball tank cover is not just for protection but also has a grip to hold the tank and keep it from slipping so you will not drop it. An ideal paintball tank cover provides enhanced Grip and Control over the tank.

Reasons to Buy a Paintball Tank Cover or a Tank Grip

A paintball tank cover is a necessity for any paintball player. Tanks are expensive and, getting a new one after a few mishaps is a burden on a player. A paintball tank cover protects your precious paintball tank and provides additional grip for the shoulder.

Protects your Paintball Tank

Paintball tanks are most the Most Expensive Paintball Gear. That’s the reason you need to take good care of them. To avoid damages or scratches on your tank, you should buy a Paintball Tank Cover. A paintball tank cover is a piece of equipment used to cover the paintball tank from the outside.

It helps protect the paintball tank from being damaged when transported from one place to another. The cover also protects the paintball tank from being damaged when it is in storage. Furthermore, a paintball cover serves as an easy way to carry your paintball tank.

Provides Grip for Shoulder

It’s never easy to adjust a Paintball Tank on your shoulder as they have Slippery and Slick Finishing. As a result, you might miss your targets and lose the game. Paintball Tank Covers are the best option to get more grip on your Paintball Tank.

They are made from a soft, durable material that is easy to grip and helps prevent your paintball tank from slipping out of your hands during play on the field. It leads towards great control of the tank and helps in getting more clean shots on the targets..[/su_box]

Types of Paintball Tank Covers

There are several types of tank covers. However, Paintball Tank Covers and Tank Grips are widely used by Pro-Paintballers to protect their tanks. You can also use Athletic Tape as it is the cheapest alternative to buying another tank cover.

Types of Paintball Tank Covers

Tank Covers

A tank cover is a protective padded cover for a paintball tank. It is placed over a paintball tank to protect it from dirt, dust, and scratches. Tank covers are made from a material called “Neoprene” that is softer than the tank. Moreover, almost all tank covers have a Zipper and Velcro Tab that closes them up. Paintball Tank Covers are available in different sizes and different colors.

Tank Grips

Unlike Tank Covers, Tank Grip only covers the Bottom of the Tank. That’s the reason they are also known as Tank Butts. Tank grips will give the user a more comfortable and stable grip and do not shift when firing. Grips are constructed with Rubber to ensure comfort and ease of maneuver to the user.

Athletic Tape

Athletic Tape is a Modern Way of Protecting your Paintball Tank from Dents and Scratches. It is the Cheapest Way to cover your tank. In this method, you have to wrap Athletic Tape around a widely exposed area of your tank. Athletic Tape not only protects your tank but also offers an impressive grip level.


What is the Difference between Tank Cover and Tank Grip?

Tank Covers and Tank Grips are two separate pieces of equipment with different features and functionalities. Paintball Tank Cover offers protection to the entire tank, while Tank Grip only covers the bottom of the paintball tank.

Why Tank Grip are known as Tank Butts?

Unlike Tank Covers, Tank Grip only covers the Bottom of the Tank. That’s the reason they are also known as Tank Butts. Tank grips will give the user a more comfortable and stable grip and do not shift when firing. Grips are constructed with Rubber to ensure comfort and ease of maneuver to the user.

Why people choose Rubber Rear Grips over the Full-Neoprene Styled Tank Covers?

Paintball tanks are meant to be used constantly. Compared to the full neoprene cover, the rubber rear stock grip doesn’t have any risk of getting damaged during paintball play. Neoprene cover set covers are for protecting your tank while you are not on the field. Rubber stock grip doesn’t get damaged easily.

Final Words

So we have taken a look at the available paintball tank covers on the market, reviewed them, and then listed what we think are the top 10 currently available. Hopefully, you can find one that may meet your requirements.

We recommend Exalt Paintball Tank Covers. Until now, I would take the Exalt Tank Cover over the Empire Tank Cover and Dye Tank Covers any day! It is padded inside, with great padding on the back that doesn’t get in the way or bounce around. This was really a big turn-off for me. Exalt touts their battery as being easier to change than others, even though they are very similar at changing batteries compared to i4 which actually struggles to change batteries due to the Velcro strap going all over the tank cover.

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